Hospital 626
Developer(s) Snack Strong Productions
Publisher(s) Doritos Productions
Designer(s) Thomas J. Kaiden
Series Hotel 626
Released Halloween 2011
Genre(s) Survival horror, Point-to-click, First-person shooter

Hospital 626 is the latest sequel for the horror point-to-click online game, Asylum 626. Hospital 626 is developed by Snack Strong Productions.

Different from the previous games, Hospital 626 is only using microphone in order to use extra features on the game.


Hospital 626 features a flashlight and camera recorder to use. Camera recorder let's player to record their progress throughout the game and can share it to their friends.

New spirits and "demons" are featured in this game, in which the demon baby from Hotel 626 are back with her demon mother.

The difficulty of game increased in Hospital 626. Stealth is the primary on the game, in example, if the player are panicked in the demon baby and mother section, it will simply resulting the player will getting spotted by the demons itself.


Allen, the 26-years old cameramen for CIN TV are kidnapped by a crazed doctor and strapped in Ward 13, where there are gruesome blood drawing all over the wall. Allen was targeted for the ritual of God Valynxia. However, Allen quickly faints and gaining awareness as he waking up on the corridor near Ward 13 (possibly where the Demon Patient spirit are there) as he ran away before getting spotted.

As he found a 19-century telephone near Ward 4 (possibly unhaunted.) with flashlight and camcorder. Shocked the telephone was ringing, terrified, he ran away with the flashlight and camera.

             -scremo loving directioner

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