The Following article is a combination of canon and fanon being the film of article is an actual motion picture though the storyline and concepts of the summary of the film has been added in

Hostel III is a 3D 2011 American Torture film sequel to Hostel II and second sequel to 2005's Hostel directed by
Scott Spiegel.

It is written by Hostel and Hostel II's original director Eli Roth.

The film is shot in state of the art 3D introducing actual off the screen moments of blood and gore as well as simple objects.


The film begins where Hostel I left off with American Art Student Beth Salinger caught up in the affairs of the murder for profit buisness The Elite Bloodhounds positioned in Slovakia.

Beth makes the condition that the vicitms that she doesnt select she will merely secure and capture them and only kill ones of racism and deceit.

Beth abducts three girls at the Hostel who happen to be Art Students with striking similiarities to Beth and her two deceased friends Whitney and Lorna.

Beth becomes distressed upon their murders and the scene flashes to Detroit.

In Detroit an American Female youth is booking a flight to visit family in Bratislava but is manipulated into coming to Slovakia and to the ill-fated hostel.

She finds a conspiracy in the making and the desperate to escape Beth entrapped i this european world of murder.

Meanwhile back in Detroit a new tourist has come to paint the city with red a former client of the elustrious hunting murder buisness to eliminate the loose end friends of the girl en route to Bratislava.


  • Kelly Thiebaud as Amy
  • Sarah Habel as Lana
  • Lauren German as Beth Salinger
  • Skyler Stone as Mike Malloy
  • John Hensley as Tarvin
  • Thomas Krestchman as Tyler Tomas
  • Kip Pardue as Gavin
  • Brian Hallisay as Clark
  • Danny Jacobs as Middle Eastern Cabbie
  • Alecia-Vela Bailey as Japanese Cyber Punk
  • Gordon Michaels as the Hungarian Client
  • Chris Coy as Travis man met in Bratislava Morning
  • Evelina Oboza as Anka
  • Nickola Shreli as Victor
  • Hiro Super as unnamed Japanese Victim
  • Patrik Zigo as Bubble Gum Gang Leader
  • Milan Znasko as Sasha (voice appearence only)
  • Adriana Godlova as Bubble Gum Girl
  • Heather Matarazzo as Lorna (corpse seen only)
  • Quentin Tarantino as Jordan Homeowner

The Beginning

Three english accent speaking European art girls arrive in Slovakia as persuaded by Beth Salinger running to them on a train the same one former victims: Oli, Josh and Paxton boarded on their way to Slovakia.

The girls arrive at the Hostel and have their password scanned out to the world for online auction.


3D Deaths

The Three Eurpoean Art Women- The first is layed town on a massage table with a face hole where she is devoured from the back first by a crazed client known as the Spanish Suitor who then rolls the girl over following the back and slices into her face which leaves two large cuts in her face before she is skinned.

The second girl is held in place by what appears to be a taffy pullet with chains in replace of stretchers.

The girl is then torn apart as a blonde hair female starts winding a wheel.

The third and final girl is tied to the classic restrainment chair with a brown bag on her head which is then removed by a third client a former mental institution escapee who uses a circular saw in motion to open up her mouth so he may devour it's inside.

Cabbie and Japanese Hacker- The two are the second last victims to be killed in Slovakia before the main murders occur in Detroit.

The Japanese tourist hacker female takes a taxi ride with a Mexican transfer driver who is then rendered unconsious before her and the two wake up in the front car entrance of the Slovakian art show factory.

The two are told they have to fight and kill the other to escape.

The Mexican driver overpowers the girl and shoots the girl in the mouth out the back of the head spraying blood all over the marked door leading into the factory.

The guy enters and instead ends up in a area of dark corridors where a paying Swiss client chases and later cannibalizes him in the last corridor's door corner

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