How the Star Guardians Save Christmas is the fifteenth and the final episode of Star Guardians Unite!


The Star Guardians must save Christmas from The Grinch.


  • The Grinch: (laughs) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! On Dancer, on Prancer, on Blitzen, on Tom Cruise, on Sean Connery, on Oscar, on Elmo, on Paris Hilton and on Fox! (disappears in the horizon)

Julie Jonas: What the heck was that?!

Hunter Jonas: It was the Grinch. he said that he needed the Alpha rune to end Christmas!

Julie Jonas: (screams)WHAT!

  • Flashback

Santa Claus: (offscreen) HO HO HO! (enters the room where he sees a plate of cookies on his desk) What's this? A plate of cookies read a sign Eat me. I am definitely not a trap. Well, if it's not a trap.

As he takes a bite into a cookie, they release a seeping gas.

Santa Claus:(weakly) Oh no no. (fell asleep)

The Grinch begin to drag him away.

Flashback Ends


(Theme song plays)

Episode opens with Tanya waking up. She jumps out of her bed and looks out the window to see that the front yard was covered in snow.

Tanya Martinez: Esta nevando! (It's snowing) (ran out the room to her siblings' room)

Meanwhile in Maya and Antonio's room, Antonio was tossing and turning in his sleep as he is having a nightmare.

Antonio Martinez: (mumbled) Anderson? What are you doing here?...W...Why are you pouring barbecue sauce on me?...let me John Goodman!!AAAAAAUUUHHHH!

Maya fell off the top of the bunk bed

Maya Martinez: You had the fat people cannibal dream again, didn't you?

Antonio Martinez: Wow! It's whiter than Michael Jackson out there!

Employee: Can i have your order?

Indira Cooper:Five words,Ash Ketchum and Patty Mayonnaise.

Melanie and the employee just stare at Indira for about 10 seconds.

Melanie Cooper: You'll have to excuse my cousin, she's hooked on stupid.

Trixie Jonas: Julie, slow down!

Donovan Jelani: Yeah, who do you think you are? John Goodman?

Antonio then starts screaming with the mental images of his nightmare flashing into his mind.He proceeds to beat himself up in the head with a tray rather hard.

Antonio Martinez:(sighs in relief)That's much better.

Indira Cooper:Hey guys, do you know how snow is made?

Heather,Judith and Trixie and Daphne: oh wait. Don't tell us, it's frozen fairy dust, right?

Wendy, Maya and Lisa: No, it's rain frozen from embarrassment!

Howard,Vanessa and Robby: No, no! It's frozen stars falling from the sky.

Fred,Sandra,Julie, Samantha,Paul,Trent and Sheila: No, It's rain in slow motion!

Muffy, Debbie, Trixie, Miguel, Melanie and Steve:No, It's God pouring sugar on the Earth!

Donovan, Antonio, Maya, Tanya, Ezekiel, Hunter:No, It's God eating fried chicken and the crumbs are falling!

Indira Cooper Actually, you're all wrong. Snow is formed by water vapors in cold clouds that condense into ice crystals. The ice crystals fasten onto a dust speck, One crystal attaches to another, which forms a snowflake. Once the snowflake is heavy enough, it falls from the cloud.

Everyone then looks at Indira with their jaws dropped

Indira Cooper What? It's true.

Julie Jonas: Don't worry, little snowman. We're not going to hurt you. We're the Star Guardians.

Frosty: (whispers) Really?! You guys are the current Star Guardians?! I've heard of you guys. Sorry for attacking you, i thought that you were the Grinch's minions. Oh and my name is Frosty, by the way.

Hunter Jonas: (whispers)Nice to meet you, Frosty. We came here because the Grinch stole my Alpha Rune.

Frosty: (whispers in shock) Wait, that cursed stone the Grinch used to take over the North Pole is yours?

Hunter Jonas: (whispers)Yeah, We're sorry for everything that happened here. But if we take back The Alpha Rune, we could rebuild this place in no time.

Frosty:(whispers)That would be awesome, but it's going to be very hard to do. The Grinch locked Santa and is forcing Santa's helpers to make toys for him. I was very luck to escape The Grinch's wrath.

Wendy Lee: (whispers)That's terrible.

Hunter Jonas: Anyway, where's that Grinch?

Frosty: (whispers) He's probably at Santa's office.

Hunter Jonas:(whispers) Alright, Everyone, let's go!

The Star Guardians and Frosty walked up to the nearest door

Hunter Jonas: (whispers) Okay Frost, so we will retrieve the stone, beat the crap out of The Grinch and restore this place back to normal. (opens the door)

Frosty:(whispers)...Wait, why are we still whispering?

Lisa Sato:(whispers)...What?

Indira Cooper: (shouted) HE SAID WHY ARE WE WHISPERING!

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