Human Race



English, Spanish and various more

Average height

1.8 meters

Skin color

Pale to darker brown

Hair color

Red, blonde, brown, black (turning gray or white with age)

Eye color

Shades of blue, green, gray, brown or violet (rare)



Average lifespan

80+ years old



Humans are one of the most politically dominant Sentient species in the Milky Way Galaxy with thousand's of major colonies spreading through out the galaxy. Having originated from a planet called Earth which lied at the Solar System by some previous beings calling it the "cespool of the galaxy". Humans later on in the future will play a major role in the galaxy from diplomacy to war. Humans are considered valued by many races as valiant warrior's and they were remembered as one of the most influential beings in the galaxy and were placed in the Great Archives in their honor.



The Homo sapiens were believed to have appeared in Earth's fossil record between approximately 100,000 and 200,000 years ago (there was another subspecies of Homo sapiens, the Homo sapiens idaltu; this subspecies is extinct, but was believed to have lived as long as 160,000 years previous). The current human race is not the only humanoid species known to live on Earth, but the Homo sapiens sapiens is believed to have either displaced or merely outlasted all other branches of the genus, including Homo neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens idaltu. Homo sapiens usually stands several feet tall, though this varies depending on nutrition, genetics and other factors. Members of the species, like some Sentient species, are four-limbed and bipedal; they walk upright on two legs and use their arms and hands (complete with opposable thumbs) to hold and manipulate objects such as tools.

The development of human civilization as humans recognize it today started from the ability to harness the growth cycle of plants, producing edible food-energy in a systemic fashion. This time is referred to as the Neolithic Revolution, which occurred first on Earth over 10,000 years ago and soon spread to disparate human groups. The stability that came from systemic agriculture allowed for more permanent settlements and the development of ever-more-complex tools to further benefit the members of the species. Innervated toolmaking and the domestication of other species on Earth gave human populations greater and greater power to expand their populations, and trade ensured the diffusion of new technologies to adjacent groups. These exploding populations led to the formation of genuine civilizations over 8,000 years ago. The first such sites are believed to have formed in Southwest Asia and Asia Minor, appearing elsewhere soon after. The infrastructure of civilizations continued to expand and grow in complexity as innovative technologies and larger populations allowed for increasing food-energy availability. Economic, political, scientific and religious advancement continued to quicken as this species was able to automate many tasks in the Industrial Revolution. This automation gave birth to the Digital Revolution, in which computing machines allowed scientific discovery and technological development to accelerate with explosive speed. Larger urban centers and tools for civilian and military uses were able to develop, as were more modern economic and political systems. As these systems developed further, the species was able to enjoy longer, more procreative, and more comfortable lives, virtually impervious to other creatures from whose midst they sprang. Thus-unchecked human population growth eventually led to the presence of several billions more humans on Earth than could be sustained for any long period of time, At time of the New Common Era there are approximately 25 trillion members of the species living in parts of the Milky Way Galaxy.


Humans 2nd C.E

A Human mother with her child during the Crisis period

Soon following the 21 Century tension began to rise as countries began to take a more hostile approach this however was caused with the event of 9/11 in 2001 CE which lead to the War on Terror which lasted for 8 years. However many people were unaware that 9/11 was an inside job conducted by the United States goverment to allow and perpously made the attack to happen which lead to many new bills in the government after 9/11 they claim that a goup claiming the attack was called Al-Qaeda who's leader Osama Bin Laden have been living in Afghanistan President, Bush the 43rd president of the United States called congress to declare a war on terrorism and invade Afghanistan on October 7, 2001 CE and later on falsy claim that Iraq and it's leader Sadam Hussien were also responisble for the 9/11 attacks with it's invasion in March 20, 2003 reason why for all this to happen was to create an American Empire but however Bush didn't see that the War on Terror would have a negative effect on part's of the world this ultimatley lead to World War 3 on August 28, 2010 CE.

After World War 3 in 2026 CE 3 billion people have been killed in the war and counting as nuclear radiation is effecting on parts of the world, people in this time period lead to a world in anarchy which lasted for 25 years till Britain was reformed and had conquered the world under a brtual dictatorship under the sercretive group the called the Illuminati. 60 Years had passed since World War 3 with the Illuminati starting their program of retribution began reducing the Human population to 500 million this lead to an uprising with part's of the world started to rebel, this event was later called World War 4 or the Great Civil War the war lasted for 4 years with a rebel victory and a end of dictatorship, following the war rebel leaders thus founded the truly first unified government the United Earth in 2115 CE.


Shortly afterwards of the formation of United Earth, Humans then began to a 50 year program called the Salvation Program in which would increase agriculture, health, technology and various more. 1250 years later Some Human scientist created the first Light Engine, one was invented by Huego William Von Reich. However this proved fatal towards some Humans early in their history; eventually they began to fixed their early promblems in fact, they were already present on a few scattered colony planets of the Solar System by rocket technology that was present at the time which some survived the world war's even before the development of warpdrive, thanks to the use of space shuttles. From Earth which had grown to a succesful planet, they spread to such Worlds as Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Some of the far-flung early colonies eventually diverged genetically from the Human baseline, giving rise to various Half-Human races and species. With the developement of the warpdrive, their scouts and explorers traveled and met with their first alien civilization known as the Provectus Unus, which were called Greys from people who were abducted in the early 21 century and later on discovering 27 other sentient life in the galaxy, this period is known as the Age of Expansion. The Human colonies, which had expanded through the Solar System and the Gliese 876 System through faster-than-light travel, later established daughter colonies of their own in what became the Colonies sector. During the early pre-United Earth years, Humans reached and populated planets as far away as the Virgo Constellation.

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Humans during the Early-United Earth Age

Following the years Human kind had themselves they're first interstellar war with the Dur Nazaj who view the humans as an abomination and thus began the Human-Nazaj War which lasted for 10 years with a Human victory. This event proven that human are capable of defending themselves against invaders and should not be medle with. Later on Humans began to grow in power despite gaining some power Humans were still not fully capable of cooperation with their own kind with most of their promblems caused such as health and domestic terrorism, the intervention of the Provectus Unus made much promblems humans had were cease with newer technology and better police services technology. The Eastern Pact that was sign at the end of the Human-Nazaj War will eventually lead to a military alliance known as the Inter Alliance , with it's first war the Alliance War. By the end of the Auslese Wars in 5419 CE will eventually led to the formation of the Grand Republic which will last for over three hundred century's.

The Grand Republic

Haven Order Order of Xibalba Ertha, Atlantis, Serenity, and Sakura.

the Spartan Wars while the Commonwealth of Independent Systems at the end of it's history the Grand Republic had spliten into various governments such as the Human Empire , the Federal Republic , the Alliance of Serenity , and the Coalition .


Human Empire

Human Empire

An Imperial Soldier in the Human Empire

With the end of the Grand Republic foundation of the Human Empire in Canis Oameni and the Rohes Tier Alien Covenant

Despite this, there were many Humans who opposed the Empire's policies, most notably Maya Jabun , Greg Kane , his daughter Emily Kane , and James Elric Mo'Nakj , and Shilaj United Rebel Frontor Resistance


Alliance of Serenity


and eventually the Coalition , Kyll virus Liberation of Troy Safe Tanks from Hyt Hyt War

Federal Republic

Human NCE

Human soldier during the Machi Nema War

the Mars Insurrection

After the signing of the Sakura Treaty Human EmpireShangka'lia

United Federation

The Terran War

During the Machi Nema War Rodrigo Diaz