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Various, English is primarily considered the 'trade language' for the species. Various dialects have stemmed from the languages spoken although 'Earth English' seems to be the favorite throughout Human Space.

Average height

5.9 ft average

Skin color


Hair color

various, ranging from black to white, although artificial pigmentation is used to alter hairstyles

Eye color


  • lack of body hair
  • intelligent
  • warriors
  • proud
Average lifespan

75-200 years


various subspecies


Of all the races in the galaxy, humans have always been one of the most liked and equally one of the most hated of these races. Many times in the past, Humanity has shown the galaxy it's will to live by shunting aside everything that was thrown at them. World Wars, cataclysms, and even cosmic threats such as meteors have done very little to sway these primates. This begs the question: Why is Humanity valued so much higher than other races, when they are (physically speaking) no different than any other race in the galaxy? The most obvious answer is that humans are three things: Survivors, Adaptors, and Fighters.

Humans have adapted to every environment they have been in. History of the Human homeworld Earth has shown that Paleolithic peoples have been more scattered around the globe, from the tropics to the poles. Humans have also expanded their adaptation to void of space as well. People always assumed that Humans would just fizzle out and die, but they surprise everyone and pick up right where they left off.

Humans also have made the discovery of Slipspace much sooner than other races in the galaxy and fairly soon in their relevant history. Although other races such as the San 'Shyuum have discovered the concept thousands of years earlier, it took them much longer to develop thanks to religious dogma.

Humans have a stained history though. For the past thousands of years this relatively young race has had countless wars and battles. The history books are stained with blood both good and ill.

The name 'Homo Sapiens Sapiens' means wise, wise man or wiser man.

Human CivilizationEdit

Humans civilization developed roughly around ten to fifteen thousand years previous, although evidence has shown that some form of civilization existed as far back as thirty five thousand years. One of the oldest human cities on the planet is the city Jericho, located in the New Israeli State. The city is estimated to be around 12,000 years old.

Earth UNSC

Earth, Humanity's homeworld. Even though its resources are much lower than in the past, it is still the military, governmental, and commercial capital of all UNSC space

Humans are always interesting to look at. Other races of the galaxy have expressed interest watching over these mammals. There are even documented reports that as far back as five thousand years ago, alien races have been observing these creatures around what the Humans refer to as the Time of Christ (a major religious teacher, Jesus Christ, was born and died during this short time of 33 years).

The major changes didn't start up until the Nineteenth Century when the Industrial revolution was at hand. Years previous, the empires of the globe expanded to as far as what is now known as North America today. Population expanded like a balloon, inflating at ever second.

The discovery of Slipstream Space in 2290 broke the barrier of trans light travel. Thanks to astrophysicists Doctors Tobias Fleming Shaw (ScD, QeD, FRS) and Wallace Fujikawa (ScD, QeD). These two men helped pave the way towards the stars for all humanity.
800px-Shaw-Fujikawa Noble Prize

Tobias Shaw (right) and Wallace Fujikawa (left) receiving their Nobel Prize for Physics with the invention of the Slipspace drive in 2290

The first place that humans colonized outside of their own solar system was the planet Alpha Centauri II nicknamed the AC, because of its relatively mild average temperature and its close proximity to Sol. Within fifty years of the discovery, mankind was able to expand its reach to over five hundred worlds. In 2524, the first unofficial contact between aliens and Humans was recorded. On a planet known as Harvest in the Epsilon Indi system, the governor met with a creature (now known as a Jiralhanae or Brute) as well as smaller Kig-Yar or Jackals. The meeting slid into disaster and prompted a war which would last almost thirty years. Harvest was the first world to fall with the planet ending up glassed.

The war, known as the Human/Covenenat war which stretched from 2524 to 2552 utterly decimated the Human race. Colony after colony fell as the Humans were pushed back to their home world. Other "observing" races thought this was where humanity was going to be demolished. However, an unexpected play on the parts of the Humans was to start the SPARTAN-II MJOLNIR program, which trained supersoldiers to fight the Covenant. Whole worlds were won back and the Humans won victory after victory. the Spartan program was very controversial as it involved stealing children from parents at a young age. the Spartan program was de-classified in 2609 in which details surrounding the Class-II Spartans were released to the general public.

This came at a price though. By September of 2552, Earth and a few others were the last remaining Human worlds. The population had dwindled to a fraction of its original size of just under a trillion. Exact numbers of the survivors were unknown but people estimate that around 280-300 million survived the conflict.

From there, it was time to rebuild. By the current date, humans (along with newfound Sangheili, Unggoy and Lekgolo allies) have rebuilt society. During the next 600 years, humans began a massive repopulation process at the dislike of some of its religions. Despite this, humanity was able to bolster an incredible 1.77 trillion people. Within a few generations following the war, the population was as high as the population of the Lekgolo (1.98 trillion)

Earth became the center of Human civilization once again. A flourishing empire of over one thousand worlds became a beacon in the galaxy. The Capital of Earth is New York City where the United Nations governs over human space.

The Galactic StageEdit

What do Humans; one of those forgotten simian races have to bring to the table? Surprisingly, quite a lot. Humans by nature love to trade. Buying, selling, and sometimes illegally moving things is quite common. Economics was a frequently sought after route back in the colonial days during the 18th Century as well as in the 23rd Century when translight travel became widely commonplace.Human megacorporations span the galaxy. Whenever somebody buys a vehicle, weapon, or component, chances are a Human company made it. Human automotive companies are the most resilient of these companies. Today, the Mega Eight include of Ford Motors, General Motors Automotive and Aerospace, Daimler-Bausch, Fiat, Kauai Motors, Olympia Manufacturing, Centauri Auto, and Altor Motors.

The Human economy is like a gigantic ocean. Tides are affected regularly causing the level to rise and fall, taking money along with it. Every hundred or so years, a series of recession and economic boom alternates. The worst of all was the Great Depression of '57 when in 2757, the galactic market crashed. Giant companies such as The Galactic Banking Corporation were literally just dozens of points short of filing Chapter 9 bankruptcy.
UNSCDF 513 735

The United Nations Space Command Defense Force, the multi-branch military that protects human interests based out of Earth. It consists of the Navy, Marine Corps, Army and the Air Force


The New York Stock Exchange during the middle of the day. This is only a single area of Human economy.

For the farther out Outer Colonies, especially the New Territory located in the Sagittarius Arm, the hero for these people are the arms companies. A common Settler saying out in the Colonies is that "If it bleeds, you can kill it. If you kill it, shoot one more time just to be sure." The message communicates that there is so much unknown things in the Sagittarius Arm that some conventional weapons might be useless. That's where arms companies come in.

91px-Israel Military Industries

Israeli Military Industries, an ancient weapon manufacturing company that has survived the years provides artistic weapons, some of which are utilized for military units and applications, even the Desert Eagle .50 has carried through the years as a high caliber sidearm for some military forces.

Arms companies, like the Auto companies, have survived many hundreds of years. The oldest of which are Colt Firearms, Fabrique Nationale, and Beretta. Other

Misriah Armories, a company located on Mars is a major weapons manufacturer for the UNSC and also supplies civilian arms for colonists.

companies such as SIGARMS, Steyr and IMI have been abandoned and restarted every now and then. Manufacturers other than Earth have their fair share of the action. As of 3238, the manufacturer with the largest collection of military contracts has to be Misriah Armories located in New Legaspi, located on Mars in the Katagalgun country. The M-series of weapons (mainly assault rifles) is the most successful product.

Many people tend to not notice the monstrous revenues these companies bring in, despite the fact that billions of dollars are made each month peddling weapons, ammunition of all calibers and components to repair said weapons. It is a healthy industry.

Also, the Underground world is something to be feared. MercNet, an illegal mercenary trading organization brings in profits by going to the highest bidder, usually to businesses who want the competition eliminated. It's the organization everybody knows exists but does absolutely nothing about because it is claimed to be a "necessary evil in the galaxy".

Humans bring their sheer might to the galaxy. They really had their chance to show what they were made of during the Human/Covenant War. On it's on, a Human is actually quite capable of defending itself, provided it has a good enough weapon, armor and combat awareness. Multiply that to a fire team, they are even better. Multiply that to an entire army and you have something that can be feared and respected. Some species, such as the Sangheili still claim them to be sub par compared to them but still regard humans with respect because of their erratic behaviors and crazy combat tactics.

Moving away from the warfare portion of humanity's involvement, Humans have been known to take stands recently for which they call "The Little Guy". This "Little Guy" represents the undermined and under-appreciated member of the galactic society. After the War, many humans called the International Equality Board (IEB) lobbied for the chance to allow aliens—who wanted it—to become United Nations citizens. The government naturally refused since it was too soon after the war. Humans lobbied, held riots and after a few months and a few destroyed lives later, the government decided to pass the act.

More recently, humans have lobbied for the same thing, except for their Mobian friends who arrived in late 3234. This was passed much more quickly since the government felt comfortable with creatures that were bipedal and only resembled the animals one would find in a backyard. However, outrage erupted again as hate-crimes (See MOBIANS-Hate Crimes for more info) began to become more noticeable. Thankfully, this has decreased over the past couple of years.

Human RebellionsEdit

In every government, there are the malcontents; there are those who wish the current government to be overthrown. These people are known as Rebels. Rebels represent the portion of the Human population who dislike the current government. Officially, there are only about three major Rebel groups scattered throughout Human Space. The largest and possibly most threatening is the United Rebel Front (URF) founded some time in the 23rd Century. The smaller subsection known as the Insurrectionists have popped in and out of history, seemingly disappearing for a century or so but then reviving quickly.

As of recently, very little URF action has been reported. The only known operating base in the galaxy is on a planet orbiting HD 117618 known as Jacinto. As of late, Rebel forces have repeled most UNSC ships that have attempted to enter their space. The goal of the Rebels itself is good in nature. They are simply a group of people who feel opressed by a terracentric government. Their methods of protest however are frowned upon. The rebels have some sympathizers on the Human worlds. Some want to see the demands met so that they won't live in fear of a terrorist attack.

Human Political SystemsEdit

It's said that Human politics is somewhat like a game and that the point is to find as many holes as possible in it. Earth is the center of a stellar empire. The nations of Earth are separated by borders and oceans. The capital of Earth is New York City located in the United States. The US is part of a union known as the United Federation which consists of Canada, the United States, Mexico and the Republic of the Carribean. The major nations of Earth are as followed (please note, only major countries are as followed)


800px-Flag of the North American Union

The United Federation, the union of Canada, the United States and Mexico, the three stars symbolizing the individual countries

The United States of America

The Mexican Republic

Royal Republic of the Carribean

800px-Flag of the European Union

The European Union, a collection of countries in Europe. Although established in 1952, the EU is much stronger than its original form.




New Equador

North Venezuela

South Venezuela



The United Kingdom

Republic of Ireland


The Kingdom of Italy


Republic of France

The African Union spans all of continental Africa, encompassing all countries within. Despite the unification of Africa, several countries do oppose the union out of traditional apprehension between countries

United States of Germany

The United Mediterranian Union


Indasia is the united countries of Asia. Although retaining their individual sovereignty, Indasia represents a brotherhood in these people who share a common ancestry. The circle symbolizes the world, and Asia is a part of it.

North Africa

The East Affrican Protectorate

The West African Protectotrate

Russia is its own superpower. The country has advanced greatly over the centuries, becoming more and more of an international symbol. With the advent of colonial development, Russia supplies most of the mining and development materials to make life easy for colonists. It also has one of the largest populations on Earth.

800px-Flag of Oceanic Union

Oceania consists of the Maritime countries of the world. The half-circle represents the Eastern Hemisphere where most of the nations are located, and the stars symbolize the nations, although Australia has credit for stimulating the union

744px-Flag of Antarctica

Technically speaking, Antarctica has no government alliance other than a few small settlements. The flag represents the continent as a whole without any outside influence affecting the design.

The South Cape


The Saharan Emirate

New Isreal



The People's Republic of China


The Indonesian Islands

North Korea

South Korea


The Holy State of Tibet

Confederation of Indian Islands




South Australia





The Hasbrac Colonies


The UNSC is a democratic government headed by a president. The United Nations consists of a delegate from every world human or alien. This allows for a unified and diverse galactic society. The contries have leaders who can make minor decisions but the UN only has the ability and power to declare war on another place or species. Human politics are riddled with loopholes that one can use to his advantage. Aliens like to watch politicians bicker back and forth looking for entertainment.

Planets themselves represent "nations" so to speak while a part of the greater Unified Earth Government. Some planets are allowed to send more than one delegate to speak on their behalf. The United Nations' headquarters is located in New York City as it always has since its formation yet enclaves exist on other worlds, neutral territory where people can seek refuge, and it serves as a link to Earth.

Human WeaponsEdit

Human weaponry is one of the things that spreads across the galaxy like a disease. They are among one of the most powerful assets that Humans have to offer and
MA37 Assault Rifle

The MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System, an example of a Human firearm. Firing projectile weaponry, this seemingly primitive technology actually provides quite a punch

makes being a friend of this race a great attribute. Human weapons fire mainly lead bullets but other rounds such as Tungsten, Bismuth and Depleted Uranium have been used. Human weapons are blocky, angular and straight edged, mirroring their buildings or starships. They are also laden with electronic sensors, readouts and displays, making them pretty to look at as well as effective at dishing out damage. Humans also have the largest array of weapons ranging from pistols to sniper rifles and everything in between.

Humans also have a sizable nuclear aresenal. Nuclear weapons are a must in the human military. While civilians are not allowed this type or aramnant on their ships thanks to the United Nations Space Warfare Act of 2281, merchant navies and paramilitary groups have permission to have Archer Class Missiles, HAVOC and NIMH nukes as well as the ASGM Series of Ship to Ship missile systems.

Humans have the largest classifications of weapons ranging from simple semi-automatic pistols, to assault rifles, to shotguns to rocket launchers. You name it, they have it.

Human ReligionEdit

Humanity currently holds the record for the largest number of religions of the entire known galaxy. To date, there are approximately 3,281 separate religions and sects to said religions. Most of them revolve around a monotheistic viewpoint of one Supreme Being most commonly referred to as God. The largest religion is Christianity which has established itself as both the best and pickiest religion in Human space. There are about 220 billion devout Christians in UNSC space, the second largest religion is the Islam faith spanning around 200 billion devout members. Number three is Buddhism with 150 billion.


Humanity's most popular religion, Christianity encompasses the teachings of Jesus Christ, a religious figure who existed in the third millennium BCE

The actual larger portion of citizens is either atheists or agnostic. Since humanity discovered life on other planets that had their own views of Creation, it contradicted thousands of years of teaching. Even more shocking was that there was a lack of figures that were similar to Jesus Christ. This trend appeared more than once. Armed with this new knowledge, many people turned their backs on organized religion to simply live their lives without influence.

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