The Hummer HX is a Tier 1 concept off-road SUV in Need for Speed: The Grand Finale.


Halo fans, irregardless of who you are, this is your machine. The Hummer HX shares so much of a family resemblance with the 'Hog it's a surprise 343 Industries hasn't sued General Motors yet. With 304 horses and and 273 ft-lb of torque, you'll probably be having too much fun crunching other cars into dust to care.

Speed: 1/5

Acceleration: 2/5

Handling: 3/5

Damage Resistance: 10/10


Since the Hummer HX has over 300 horsepower, it should belong in Tier 2. However, it does not (probably for balancing reasons, because putting a Hummer in Tier 2 would result in mass car-crunching).

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