iDream of Pego. a fanfic of Fanboy and ChumChum


Fanboy, Chum Chum, and Darcy are having a sleepover, then they build a tower of Pego blocks (parody of lego blocks), then Fanboy, ChumChum, and Darcy fall asleep and wake up inside a tower of Pego blocks. And are being held by the King of Bop (Boog), and they have to escape, then they meet a Friendly Robot named Flicker, then the King of Bop is distracted by Chimp Chomp, and Fanboy, ChumChum, and Darcy make their escape, and take Flicker with them, and they are celebrating, then Darcy wakes up, and it was a dream, nd Fanboy, ChumChum, and Darcy had the same dream, then Flicker shows up.


David Hornsby as Fanboy

Nika Futterman as Chum Chum, Darcy

Jeff Bennett as The King of Bop

Candi Milo as Flicker

Aditional voices, Dee Bradley Baker, JEff BEnnett, Candi Milo, Nika Futterman

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