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July 15, 2011

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Reverend Jackson's Prediction

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"Nicky vs. Jason"

Featuring: Matt Baker, Kat Baker, Kurt Twombly, Nick Lagory

Also Featuring: Barnabé Ricard, Jerrick Washington, Jacob Baker, Ruth Dafella, Reverend Jackson, Shaun Miller, Chief Howard, Judge Lewis


Main Plot: The episode begins with Matt and Kat begging Matt's father, Jacob Baker to take them to the Rose Beach Amusement Park. Jacob Baker then asks who they are right before falling asleep on the couch. Matt and Kat grumble then Kat comes up with an idea. The duo then go through Jacob's stuff and find an lapton with a webcam installed on it. The two then decide that they are going to do a web show called iMatt. The two begin to film the show in the lobby of the apartment complex when attracts the attention of Kurt Twombly and Ruth Dafella who both wish to become stars. Matt realizes that if he wants the show to go on then he will have to let them be in the show. Things go horribly wrong as Matt now needs someone to film the show. Nick appears and offers to film the show for them which makes everything worse as he cannot hold the camera steady. Matt and Kat then pull a prank on Kurt by pantsing him on screen. Kurt is enraged and attempts to chase Matt and Kat but since he can no longer run, Kurt sicks Ruth on the duo. Nick starts to laugh at the incident and then comments that the shows ratings are going up with the crazy antics. Ruth, Matt, and Kat then run out of the apartment and into the nearby street where they are hit by a semi-truck. Nick drops his jaws in astonishment and yells for Kurt to call an ambulance but Kurt doesn't due to the fact he doesn't want the news reporters all around the apartment complex. Nick sighs right before he has the laptop stolen from him by Barnabé Ricard who then struggles with deciding if he wants to chop the laptop up for parts or sell it as a whole on craigslist. The plot ends with Nick driving Matt, Kat, and Ruth to the emergency room. Hours later Nick visits the three of them in the hospital with a subpoena, telling Matt that he has been sued by Apple Corps for using a name that they already had patented for a new product.

Sub Plot: Jerrick goes to smoke once again but discovers that he has nothing to smoke. Jerrick then travels around town looking for a dealer when he meets Shaun Miller, the only dealer in town. Shaun is willing to give Jerrick what he wants for free but he must run some errands for him first. Jerrick then becomes a pusher as he travels throughout the town, delievering dope to people. Jerrick then arrives at Reverend Jackson's doorstep as instructed to do. Jerrick recognizes Reverend Jackson who then scolds him for committing illegal actions. Suddenly Chief Howard appears and arrests both Reverend Jackson and Jerrick. Both Reverend Jackson and Jerrick appear in court and Shaun testifies against both of them. Reverend Jackson and Jerrick are then sentenced to 50 years in jail by Judge Lewis but the sentence is later reduced to three years for each of them. The episode ends with a time fast forward to three years later. Nick is sitting in the apartment watching television when Jerrick walks in grumbling. Nick asks Jerrick what's wrong with him and Jerrick realizes that Nick was unaware that he had been gone for three years.


  • Nick: "Hey Matt this came from Apple, their suing you. Apparently they've patented the name iMatt for a new product that is coming out next year."
  • Judge Lewis: "You hooligans are going to spend the next 50 years in jail!"
  • Reverend Jackson: "You moron you can't sentence us to 50 years in jail for a small drug deal!"
  • Jerrick: "Nick...what...I've been in jail for the past three years."
  • Nick: "Really? I didn't notice you were gone, want an orange soda?"


  • Apple, the company that manufactuers the iPhone and the iPad is mentioned in the episode with the iMatt announced to be a new fictional product.


  • The episode was once again made to show that the producers of the show do not condone drug usage.
  • It is the second time Jerrick has been absent for a long amount of time and it is the second time Nick has failed to notice that Jerrick has been gone.

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