INFECTED is a video game based on the film


Prolouge: You wake up in The Vocaloid Resistance, You don't remember how you got there or who you are. The Vocaloids then find you on the ground Neru then tells who you are, You tell Neru your name Haku is then shocked when she finds some cat ear thing, Meiko then defeats it You tell Meiko what that thing is, Meiko says it's the V.I.R.U.S. Everyone, But You and Haku, are shocked,

Chapter One: You find out from Haku that She Neru and the Twins, destoryed a signal. You then tell Haku how the V.I.R.U.S. came back, Haku is shocked, You walk up to Neru but more infected cat ears come, Meiko shouts everyone to run, Everyone, But You, run away, You then see they coming,

Chapter Two: You then run away with the Others, as You and the Others are Runing, Rin tell everyone to get in the fort, Luka gets in the fort first she says it's clear. in the fort Rin asks they are gone for now Meiko Sakine asks what to do, Luka asks to stay in the fort and away from the infected cat ears, Meiko then asks Luka to know what she is doing, Luka asks she is doing whats right but Rin cuts her by saying "Luka", Meiko attemts to get Luka out of the fort, but Kaito stops Meiko, He asks they don't know if Luka has the V.I.R.U.S. or not,

Chapter Three: Everyone, Expect You, are Sleeping. You have a Flashback from the past before you find yourself in The Vocaloid Resistance, It seems Your Parents find out You are Half Vocaloid so they left, but Miku finds You alone, The Flashback end with Miku telling You what is wrong You say nothing is wrong then Miku gos back to sleep,

Chapter Four: The Battle then begins with everyone, But Kaito and Meiko, wining. The V.I.R.U.S is defeated this new Vocaloid tells His Name is Gakupo Kaumi, He helps Meiko up But Kaito says what is he is doing he says he saveing Kaito and Meiko, he expains everything, with You Neru and Haku, Neru Finds Luka, The V.I.R.U.S is not pleased, But She finds out Gakupo is really there, Haku attemts to trick You and Neru, But You Find Out Haku is Infected The V.I.R.U.S. gets out of the place The Others get there just in time Miku finds You angry, You then tell everyone that Haku is THe V.I.R.U.S, The Vocaloids then find out you can remember everything from before you say not everything You say you lost your memory from your last battle with Daku, Meiko asks you who she is. You reply that she is Luchia's dark half, You and The Others set off to find her, But you are cut off from the others, You find yourself in a unknown place You then find Daku and Fight Her, after the fight you run away and you find yourself in The Vocaloid Resistance, Everyone, Even The Real Haku, Thank You, The Screen fades to black as Neru says your name and the credits roll

Character Creation

Character creation is the process by which a player creates a player character (PC) to be used when playing a module or on a persistent world. A simplified process is used for character level-up, when a player takes advantage of earning a level through experience points.

Before playing INFECTED, a player first has to decide what type of character to play. There is a great deal of room for customization, so this may seem a little intimidating at first. It is best to remember that there are no good or bad characters, and different people appreciate different aspects of the game. A player can create any number of characters, so experimentation is a useful approach for some. In addition, INFECTED has a flexible system for character modification, so early decisions will likely not "break" a character.

One way to navigate the character creation process is to start with a character concept. Many roleplayers enjoy mimicking figures from history, myth, or popular culture. Those who enjoy a challenge sometimes construct a flawed character, perhaps one who is sickly or a bit of a buffoon. Perhaps they might take a classical stereotype and play it in a new and refreshing manner, like a dwarven barbarian who is scholarly or prefers a sling to an axe. Regardless of where the inspiration comes from, having a concept makes the process of character creation easier

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