I Fear You and the Beyond is a 2001 American Romantic Drama thriller Film written by Coen Brothers Joel and Ethan and directed by brother Joel Cohen

It is based off the classic 1990 bestselling short story of the same title by Jodi Picoult.

The film stars Bridget Fonda, Leonardo Di Caprio, James Franco, Ed Harris, Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, Wendie Mallick, Morgan Fairchild, Randy Quaid, Ricky Gervais, Anton Yelchin and Richard Dean Anderson.


A man comes to the Manhattan two story blue house home of a once famous female author whom is a suffering unstable hypochondriac completely bound to her house whom almost never leaves her place of residence.

He claims to her be with the Seattle Chronicle dispatched simply to get an autobiographical piece on her to help a celebrity recount task he has been asked to do.

He claims to be a big fan of her book series: The Armada and the Man.

She at first wishes not see him refraining from him.

She however comes round through a dream of seeing a man in her house one she chases eagerly wanting to get to but is unable to obtain.

She recounts of how she got the inspiration for her ever so famous book series through the course of life from age 17 to 19.

The story tells of how she was living in the small Seattle backwater town of Burroughs Burdge when witnessed the murder of the Burroughs Morning Edition Weather Woman Miss Harley Duffle.

She had gone into the witness protection program and been marked the target of a large crime syndicate involved in a string of the Burroughs Burdge Murders desperatley trying to cover up they running a drug cartel with the town's mayor.

She was to be taken off to Wyoming to Burrough Burdges' Sheriff Craig Hartet's grandmother's residence.

However she loses her escorting protecting officers to two sick murderous criminals whom are the two assassins of syndicate leader Businessman Marvin Dinklage Bush.

Her saviour was that of a free riding motorcycle greaser charmer named Deacon Hally-Bert whom took off on a large countryside escape which eventually climaxed in a showdown with one of the sick remaining assassins and the head businessman Marvin and Mayor Gumfrey at the Burroughs Burdge original out of town train tracks.

In a square off between her, Deacon The Charmer greaser to which she fell in love with and participated in a bunch of fearful acts with Deacon lost two of his left hand fingers to a Roscoe drawn by Marvin Dinklage.

Marvin was killed as was the remaining sick assassin where as for Mayor Gumfrey he was arrested.

She tells how her family had immediatley since following moved her out of the town.

She had objected to the move out of falling for Deacon but ultimatley accepted what was to come.

She had asked him to meet the town's border hill point where they had first met but he never showed.

She had waited there the course of two hours until both her parents discovered her and a rattlesnake.

She was bitten numerous times and taken to hospital in the neighbouring town of Harvest Bushell.

Following that she could no longer deal.

She was able to bring herself to create a fantastic book series based off the amazing love and adventures she experienced during the last years of her youth but was attacked by a man whom had once been her neighbour back in Burroughs Burdge named Hatman Douglas whom was a District Attorney for Harvest Bushell.

He came at her with a collection of snakes and was dressed filthy to which she later discovered him to have been a fraud and pedophile murderer involved in the syndicate.

She killed him in self-defense with a butcher's knife from the kitchen but sustained two bites to the face from a rattlesnake he had coincidentally happened to be brandishing at the time.

She was once again rushed to hospital and treated but discovered that night that both her parents died in a car crash on there way to the hospital to see her.

With that she had completely shattered and begun a fear for almost everything and everyone.

Concluding the story to the apparent Seattle Chronicle reporter he reveals that it is no coincidence like the horrible pedophile murderer neighbour that came to her house that he is here interviewing her.

He reveals that the man she had fallen in love with and once the man who had kept her without a fear in the world is indeed his father.

That he had that night came by her house whilest she was out on Hill's Point and asked her parents to where she was.

They had lied and stated she had already left with another boy from the school whom offered to take her to the airport two towns over.

Upon hearing the lie he drove all the way to the airport of towns over in the busy city like town of Cramdenberry.

Following that he bought her old residence and waited hoping she would return.

He eventually fell for an old friend of hers that still remained in the town as a businesswoman.

She had been the victim of an assault from his neighbour/her old one.

Following that an arrest was made which stuck for about 7 years before



  • Because the Night- 10,000 Maniacs
  • Come to my Window- Melissa Etheridge
  • 100% Love- Crystal Waters
  • I Miss You- Lisa Loeb

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