'I Know What You Did Last Summer is an American horror-slasher remake of the 1997 film, starring Ellen Wroe, Munro Chambers, Dakota Fanning, chloe Grace Moretz, Sean Faris, Amanda Seyfried, Sarah Roemer, Kyle Gallner, Cory Monteith, Michelle Trachtenberg, Sophia Bush and Dylan McDermott


A group of friends go out of town to celebrate Helen winning the beauty pageant. They hit a man and apparently killed him, they dump his corpse in the ocean and agree to never speak of what happened. One year later, the friends are targeted by a fisherman who is killing them one by one.


Ellen Wroe as Julie James

Munro Chambers as Ray Bronson

Dakota Fanning as Layla Simmons

Chloe Grace Moretz as Helen Shivers

Sean Faris as Barry Cox

Amanda Seyfried as Elsa Shivers

Sarah Roemer as Missy Egan

Kyle Gallner as Max Neurick

Cory Monteith as Bobby Hoss

Michelle Trachtenberg as Olivia Jackson

Sophia Bush as Kate Castle

Dylan McDermott as Ben Willis/The Fisherman


Julie, Ray and Layla


Bobby- He is stabbed in the mouth

Kate- She is stabbed in the back

Olivia- She is stabbed in the head

Max- He is stabbed in the chest

Missy- She hangs herself

Barry- He is stabbed through his chest

Elsa- She is gutted

Helen- She is slashed to death

Ben- He has his hand cut off with his hook by Ray

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