I Love You, You Hate Me is an American metalcore band formed in Texas in 1998 by cousins Joel Steele (vocals) and Billy MacEntire (lead guitar, screaming vocals). They soon recruited Freddy Jefferson on bass and Will Zirotti on drums in 1998, and the band released their first album, Love Is War in 2000 through Batched Records. They released their second album Bloodstone Keep in 2003, then they signed to Vindictive Records in 2005 in time to release their third album Addiction Is Not Helping Us. In 2008 they released the conceptual album Last of the Rites. Joe Friese produced their fifth studio album, Bury Our Dead, released on September 17th 2010.

The band takes their name from a letter Steele recieved from his girlfriend in which she broke up with him, according to Steele it was the last thing he read before he went to band practice and the other guys asked him to name the band.


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