Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Occupation: King of Disney Castle


Ichigo saved Dark from Reapers at the beginning of the series. He was there when Dark and Fuma were born. But he does not remember who the mother was. He lost his memories of the past 16 years ago after defeating Sora by using the chains of memories. People who have the mark of geass on their hand, have no memory of their past. Ichigo is hoping that Dark will be able to return his memories. He and Kairi are also dating. But he is planning on proposing to her.




Tensa Zangetsu

(Tensa Zangetsu 'Heaven Chain Slaying Moon')

Zangetsu has the ability to absorb Ichigo's spiritual energy and turn it into a single slash of spiritual energy.


Ichigo's geass allows him to have telekinesis. Like see the future, locate people, read minds, control minds, and many more.




The Lancelot was formly piloted by Suzaku Kururugi. But Ichigo stole it many years ago and now he pilots it.

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