Imperial Center, formerly known as Youngia, or also called the Queen of the Galaxy, has served as the political hub of the galaxy for millenia. It is generally agreed the planet was the most politically important in the galaxy. It was the capital of the Youngian Republic and is now the capital of the Youngian Empire. If governments control Youngia, they control the entire galaxy in the proccess.

Many of the galaxy's most important trade routes-including the Younganian Trade Route, the Calanthrinan Run, the Mommian Trade Route, the Corolan Trunk Line, and the Leisure Corridor-run through Imperial Center, making it one of the galaxy's most prosperous worlds. The planet's hyperspace coordinates are 0,0,0 and the military designation, used by both the Republic and Empire, is Triple Zero. Accordingly, Imperial Center is the main planet for the all-important Imperial Center Oversector, a oversector of the Empire containing Imperial Center and surronding solar systems.

The actual planet-wide metropolis of Imperial Center is divided into smaller "cities" (though each are the size of the average country by most standards). Among these is the administrative center, known as Galactic City, Republic City, Youngia City, or The City of Spires under the Youngian Republic, and Imperial City under the Youngian Empire.

Imperial Center

Galactic Core


Imperial Sector


Imperial system


1: Youngia Prime



  • Marus
  • Sachus
  • Borius


Distance from Core

4,000 light years

Rotation period

26 hours

Orbital period

370 days




34,259 km




Temperate and controlled


Heavy (over 12.1 m/s2)

Primary terrain
  • Urban cityscape
  • Mountains
  • Glaciers (on North and South Poles)
Surface water

Below 3% (20% in ice caps)

Points of interest

Points of Interest Following:

  • Galactic Gathering Hall
  • Youngian Museum of Galactic Cultures
  • Imperial Galactic Museum
  • Imperial Opera House
  • Imperial Naval Academy
  • Imperial Palace
  • Senate Building
  • Youngian Religious Temple
  • Western Sea
  • Sanai Artifical Mountains
  • Mounment Plaza
  • Sky Botanical Dome
  • The Works
  • University of Youngia
  • Holographic Zoo of Extinct Animals
  • Zoo of Living Animals
  • Emperor's Collection
Native species
  • Youngians
  • Cthons
  • Crude bat
  • Silicon worm
  • Spider-roach
Immigrated species
  • Mommians
  • Briannians
  • Leanns
  • Various other species
Official language

Imperial Basic Standard



  • 1 trillion permanent ground residents
    • 78% Youngians
    • 10% Mommians
    • 10% Briannians and Leanns
    • 2% Others (Humans, various others)
  • 800 billion transients, orbital workers, unregistered population, tourists, temporary workers
Major cities

Imperial City (Galactic City, Republic City, Youngia City, City of Spires, Capital City)

Major imports
  • Foodstuffs
  • Water supplies
  • Medicinal goods
  • Raw minerals and materials
Major exports
  • Cultural artifiacts
  • Robotic parts
  • Starship technology
  • Industrial equipment

Youngian Empire

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