In The Age of Dead Kings is a Norwegian/English epic doom metal band from Oslo, Norway formed in 1986. Though they are known for their Count Doomicus-era from 1986-2001; the band continue to play with Rodger Hedgegrove since reforming in 2002. They have released fifteen albums; eight with Doomicus and seven with Hedgegrove.



Jansen joined his first band in 1984; The Androiders, a primarily heavy metal band with Jansen's vocals reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne and the music similar to Black Sabbath. Via this Jansen began to listen to doom metal; and left The Androiders in 1986, eager to form a new band.

Jansen's father helped him search for new bandmates, luckily spotting an employee of his builders named Leovn Aniski, who played guitar. Aniski joined Jansen, and Leif Gerdling (bass) and Paul Kerheg (drums). They chose on the name In The Age of Dead Kings and Jansen adopted the name Count Doomicus and Aniski took Balrug.

Wizardsfire and The Bane of All Demons (1986-1987)

Soon after forming the band, Doomicus and the other searched for a label and producer. Without much success, they resulted to record on a minor local label owned by Balrug; Wizarde Records. However Balrug would not be the producer, and the band enlisted Sagveid Irgvensin instead. After this, they began production on thier first album Wizardsfire. Doomicus wrote 80 percent of the songs, while lead guitarist Leovn Aniski contributed 2 songs. After the album's release with critical acclaim, the band started working on The Bane Of All Demons, thier second studio album.

The second album was much more diffucult for them to make. Not only did thier drummer Kerheg go AWOL, but thier producer left to produce Rokhello. Because of this, The Bane Of All Demons was almost not released. Fortunaley, Aniski, who had first denied them Wizarde Records, allowed them to sign on with him. However, Aniski said that he wanted to write more songs. So most of The Bane Of All Demons was written by him. The album is different than Wizardsfire, in the sense that most of the songs are much heavier. The reviews picked up on this, with Richard Giks for METALMAG writing, "If you enjoyed Wizardsfire, but wanted it to be heavier, than this album is for you."


Studio album

* Wizardsfire (1986)

* The Bane of All Demons (1987)

* Age of Dead Kings (1989)

* Pandaemonius (1990)

* In The Land of Lost Pharaohs (1992)

* Paranorm (1994)

* Age of Dead Kings II (1996)

* The Heavenly War (1998)

* Throne of Gold (2002)

* The Quest: Chapter I (2004)

* The Quest: Chapter II (2006)

* Battle of the Ages (2008)

* Thirteen Seals of Thy Doom (2010)

Band members

Current members
  • Rodger Hedgegrove - vocals (2002-present)
  • Leovn "Balrug" Aniski - lead guitar (1986-2001, 2002-present)
  • Leif Gerdling - bass (1986-1990, 2002-present)
  • John Aegirn - drums (2002-present)
Former members
  • Count Doomicus - vocals (1986-2001)
  • Paul Kehreg - drums (1986-1990)
  • Wengren "Sage W" Wencheslav - drums (1990-2001)

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