In Umbra (Latin: Through Shadow) is Australian doom metal band Winter's Soil's tenth studio album, released on August 13th 2009. It follows 2008's Into The Inferno. Lead singer Kaleb Jovanovich this or Las Canciones De Dolor is his favourite Satanika album.

Track listing

  1. "In Umbra" - 5:55
  2. "For I Have Risen" - 6:43
  3. "Nonaginta Novem Dies, Centum Nox Noctis" - 7:58
  4. "Twilight Hours" - 8:40
  5. "Justicia Pro Totus" - 10:02
  6. "Her Touch" - 9:41
  7. "Ageless Ruin" - 10:45
  8. "Sammath Naur" - 14:00
  9. "To The Gods of Disorder I Surrender" - 11:15


  • Kaleb Jovanovich - vocals, lyrics
  • Nick Hale - lead guitar
  • Benjamin Jacobson - bass
  • Aaron Starkley - rhythm guitar
  • Hamish Glencroy - drums
  • Lisa Evans - violin
Winter's Soil-In Umbra

"In Umbra" is the band's latest album, and has been voted "Best Doom Metal Album of the Year" both by Metalix and the Swedish website Metalkaos

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