• ===
    Inazuma eleven naruto

    "WE beasts will eliminate you"


name: Tigre taillo

  • ===gender:male===
  • ===Position: forward===
  • number: 9
  • element : wind
  • Team: Mytho beasts
  • seiyuu: Junko takeuchi
  • Debut: Inazuma eleven chapter 68
  • Inazuma eleven episode 82

Background : He is the captain of Mytho Beasts.

Appearance : Tigre has a tiger-like personality indicating his whiskers. He has spiky blonde hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Outgoing outside the field though has a raging look when playing.

Plot: Tigre along with his team mates watched inazuma japan win the football frontier tournament. They are among the Ten teams who challenged Inazuma eleven after the tournament.

Hissatsu: Kyuubi's roar

          Wind blades
          hurricane crasher
          Mytho legend (with oxford and bugzy)

Trivia: He resembles naruto uzumaki from Naruto and they have the same seiyuu as well

      His myth legend is the legendary nine tailed fox
      Kyuubi's roar is the only hissatsu technique that is not based on the element of wind
      His name is Tigre which means tiger even though his beast is based on that of a fox.

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