Infection is an novel that has the friends characters in it.In an building,Six people face the undead as they are trapped while New York is in crisis.


Chandler and Monica are kissing and Monica asks if they have got the condoms.Chandler says no and Monica says she will get them.Monica is walking and does not see the undead walking and eating people.When in the shop,Monica finds an man eating an woman.Monica runs,Which alerts that man.Monica manages to get in central perk when an woman trys to bite her.She finds out that New York is overran by some infection.

Chandler gets worried about why Monica has not come yet,And he hears someone knocking the door.He opens the door and an terrified Rachel falls into the house.Rachel then tells Chandler that zombies have taken over New york.Then,Undead Gunther enters and trys to bite Chandler.

Rachel grabs the lamp and hits Gunther with it.Chandler manages to push Gunther into the bathroom and they barricade that door.They then hear screams coming out in the hallway.They go out and see Phoebe and Ross are crawling away from two leggless zombies.They run into Joey's apartment and find out he is in an play.Chandler phones Monica and she reveals she is in Central Perk.

Joey is kissing co-worker Lisa and falls in love with her.The two proceed to make out and an zombie comes and bites Lisa.Joey manages to escape and locks himself in the bathroom.An Nude Lisa then hears screams and enters the other room.She and her felloe zombies eat the other co-workers.

Monica sees Rachel's sister Amy trying to get in.The other survivors tell Monica not to let her in,But Monica says she has not got the heart to let Amy to be eaten.She opens the door,But an zombie jumps on Amy and starts to eat her.Monica and the survivors escape through the back door and they go their separate ways.

Monica runs to Joey's and knocks on the door,Shouting them to let her in.Meanwhile,Joey sneaks out and runs to his building.He finds Monica trying to open the door.The others inside hesitate,But let them in,But an undead Amy and other zombies come in.They all run to Chandler's old room.

They try to find an way out when Amy manages to break in the room.Chandler and Ross hold Rachel back and Moncia runs up to push her back,But Amy bites into her.Phoebe kicks Amy out and they grab in Monica.

They are unsure what to do with Monica,Ross and Chandler say that Monica should be kept while the others want her out.Monica turns and bites into Joey.They all run out and dodge the zombies.When they run to that apartment,An zombie grabs onto Ross and starts eating him.

Rachel is left in disbelief,And go's in shock while Chandler and Phoebe barricade.An hand smashes through and grabs onto Phoebe.Phoebe's screams bring Rachel back,And she grabs an board and starts hitting the hand,But more hands smash through.Chandler saves Rachel and then Phoebe.

Gunther then manages to come through and they run to the spare room.They turn on the tv and find out that an infection in the local hospital,Which is Phoebe's new job.Phoebe pulls out an gun and reveals she caused all this.

Rachel jumps out to her and the two fight,And Phoebe fires the gun,Which hits Chandler in the leg.Phoebe pushes Rachel down and then picks up an knife.Chandler jumps up to Phoebe.Phoebe kills Chandler and ties up Rachel.Phoebe opens the window to use the fire exit,And runs to the door and unleashes the zombies.Phoebe escapes and hears Rachel's screams,Which chills Phoebe.Phoebe then finds an group of zombies,Among them Lisa and Jancie.Phoebe turns around and is eaten alive by the zombiefied Ross.

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