Infest is a 2003 horror film and director Michael de Liveri's debut movie. It was released globally on October 9th 2003; and received mixed reviews. The film stars Kyle Greene, Peter A. North, Mikaela Andrev, and Nikolas Narkevi; and spawned a sequel, 2005's Infest 2.


A small rural town in invaded by a horde of man-eating insects unleashed by Buck (Nikolas Narkevi); who wants to clear the area and make it for himself. As a group of survivors Andy (Kyle Greene), his father Greg (Peter A. North), and his girlfriend Chrissie (Mikaela Andrev) fight their way through the town they witness the chaos that the infestation causes.


The film received mixed reviews upon its release; and currently holds a Rotten rating of 45% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was praised for its unique story; but criticized for its overuse of violence and graphic themes; with critics calling it "too much, even for a horror movie". Despite this the film did however garner a cult following, and this influenced Michael de Liveri to direct a sequel in 2005.

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