Kingdom Hearts Reconnet:I,II,III & IV


Kingudamu Hātsu [sai setsuzoku]

Developer(s) Square Enix
Publisher(s) [1]/[2], [3] Square Enix,Non-Disney, & Disney
Release date(s) [4] March 29, 2013[1]/[5] July 31, 2013[2]July 20, 2014 [3][6] July 26, 2014 [4]
Genre Console action role-playing game
Game modes Single player
Ratings CERO:[7]AESRB:[8]Everyone 10+ [5]PEGI:[9]12+

OFLC:[10] [6]

Platform(s) Xbox next,palystsation 4,wiii u,cubegame 2,sega dreamcraft 2,nintendo 64 2,nintendo 4DS

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