Harry Potter. Ginny becomes insane after the events of Chamber of Secrets.


Ginny woke up screaming. Another nightmare. She relised she had woken her roomates up again.

"Ginny", one of them moaned. "Get to sleap", another muttered.

Ginny wished she could, but she couldn't. She couldn't because of the horror that faced her and Harry and Ron.

Ginny got up, and walked down the stairs. She was in her pink gown and her red flaming hair was an mess. I don't care.

Ginny noticed Hermione and Ron were up, talking about her. Again.

"Ron, haven't you notice Ginny's strange behaviour".

"What do you mean".

"Well, for one, she won't talk to anyone. She also confided in me she is having nightmares that her and Harry were killed".

"Look, she will get over it". Easy for him to say.

Ginny sneaked past the two as they talked about their homework. She left the Dormitry, and found herself in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.

"Wh-", Ginny panniced. She heard voices, telling her to let him feed. Ginny then stood in front of the taps, and hissed open.

The entrance to the chamber of secrets was opened once again. Ginny then apeared in the chamber and saw Harry lying in the position like her.

Ginny looked up, and saw Tom Riddle. "Kill me", she whispered.

Ginny woke up. Another nightmare.

Summer Holidays

Ginny shared an compartment with Harry, Ron and Hermione, although she didn't speak. They were getting freaked out, although no one said anything.

The train came to an stop, and Harry offered to help her.

"No thanks".

Ginny followed them out and saw Molly beaming at her children.

"Ginny, did you get on fine", she asked. Ginny nodded.

The drive home from the knight bus was silent, apart from the twins and Percy.

Molly became frightened and saddened as her daughter hadn't spoke an single word since she came home.

One day, Molly and Athur won the lottery, and they told the children they were going to Egypt with Charlie and Bill.

All was happy. Apart from Ginny.

The second week they were there, Ron asked Ginny if she was okay.

Ginny got up, and punched him on the face. Ron fell down, shock.

Ginny grabbed an knife from the drawer and pointed it at Ron. The door opened.

Ginny turned around and saw Molly. "GIN", she was cut off when Ginny pushed her and ran out into the hallway.

Molly chased after her, but to no avail. Ginny was missing.

Ginny found the twins swimming in the pool. Still holding her knife, she scared all the tourists. "COME ON THEN", she screamed.

That night, she was rounded off to St.Mungo's.

A week befour school started, Ginny became normal, although she remained mute.

"It seems that she would stay mute forever", the healer told Molly and Athur. "My baby", Molly whispered, tears in eyes.

Dementor Kill

Ginny shared an compartment with Luna Lovegood. Luna was, strange, but rather nice.

"I see that you have the frenkson over you. They put you're mind into pure evil", Luna explained. Ginny nodded.

A few hours later, they were screams as the train came to an stop.

"Dementors", Luna whispered. Ginny opened the door, and Luna screamed for her not to.

An dementor grabbed onto Ginny, who remained blankless. Luna screamed as she cowered away into the conor.

The Dementor slowly reached for her mouth, and kissed.

However, instead of collapsing, memory wiped, something happened. An bright colourless flash quickly reached throughout the train.

Ginny woke up, and saw the remains of an Dementor. She had killed one. They were screams as people relised what she had done.

She looked up and saw Hermione, shocked. Ron, also shocked. However, Harry wasn't there.

She later found out Harry was attacked by an other one, although he never killed it. News what Ginny done spread like wildfire.

The Truth

Ginny was writing an essay about potions when she heard an knock on the door.

The door opened and Minerva McGonagall came in. "Miss Weasley, Proffesor Dumbledore has told me to escort you to his office". Ginny nodded.

Ginny followed Minerva to the office, and was led in. Dumbledore told Minerva to go away.

"You see, Miss Weasley. The reason you act like this, is because, you're an horcrux", Dumbledore said. Ginny blinked. An Horcurx, what's that.

"I'm so sorry, Weasley", and Dumbledore killed Ginny Weasley.

However, she woke up in the hospital wing. "Dumbledore killed me", she screamed. Everyone was shocked for two reasons.

One, Ginny spoke. Two, Dumbledore tried to kill her.

"Ginny y-", Harry was cut off when she jumped out of her bed and pushed him away.

"Get away", she screamed. She kept running and running.

She saw Percy, snogging Penelope Clearwater. "DIE", Ginny screamed. Percy was shoved over the bainster and Penelope screamed.

Ginny raised her wand, and killed Penelope.

"It seems that the horcrux wasn't destroyed", Dumbledore whispered.

Me and You, Together

Ginny found herself in the Gryffindore common house, holding an butcher knife.

"DON'T COME NEAR ME", She screamed. Molly and Athur were called in after Ginny's killings.

Molly was upset that her son had been killed, but she would be even more upset if her daughter killed herself.

"Ple", Athur was cut off. "SPEAK TO HARRY", She screamed. Molly relised Harry would talk her out of it. "Yes dear".

Harry came up and saw Ginny. "Look Ginny. Me and You together, uh. We could live together", Harry tried to convince her.

Ginny looked at him. "In after life", she asked. Harry knew what she was saying. Kill themselves to be together. Then he relised something.

His entire life was devastating. He and Ginny could get married, have children, and he could meet his parents. "Lets".

Molly screamed as Ginny stabbed Harry, and then herself. Both of them fell down, dead.


Harry and Ginny were greated by James and Lily. Lily was carrying an baby who she named Hermioen after his friend. Lily was pregnant the night she was killed.

Harry got to know about his parents, while Ginny knew her dead members. They watched down into the wizarding world which was in ruins.

Hermione and Ron were soon greeted, along with Siruis Black. They had been killed when Wormtail blasted them all up, destroying the Whomping Wallow.

Harry and Ginny got married, and had children. Ginny became sane at the sight of her baby born, who they named Ronald Harry Potter Weasley.

They had three other children. Lily Luna Ginny Potter Weasley. Nick Albus Siruis Potter Weasley. Molly James Remus Weasley.

Ron and Hermione got married, and had one child. Harry Athur Molly Weasley.

As more of their friends and family joined them, the more children the Weasley Potter family had. James, Siruis and Remus found success, they hhad wifes, children and grandchildren.

Ginny wish came ture. Have an happy ever after with the boy who lived. Even in death.

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