Insulated Corpse Syndrome is an English grindcore/goregrind band formed by Van Helsing's guitarist Chris Northwood in 2000; with George Ivens on vocals, Kurt Nivenstein on bass and Craig Ryiend on drums.


Early years Edit

Chris Northwood had known George Ivens during the early days of Van Helsing, via Van Helsing's singer Dan Chamberlain. In between Van Helsing, Northwood formed a grindcore band in 2000 with George Ivens, called Garotten Corpses. Craig Ryiend joined on as drummer, and the line-up was rounded out by Kurt Nivenstein's arrival in 2001. In the same year the band released a demo called Puritanical Orgy which garnered reasonable attention for the band and attributing to their signing with BloodOrganFlesh Records.

Band membersEdit

Current membersEdit

  • George Ivens - vocals (2000-present)
  • Christ Northwood - guitar, backing vocals (2000-present)
  • Kurt Nivenstein - bass (2000-present)
  • Craig Ryiend - drums (2000-present)


Studio albums Edit

Demos and EPs Edit

  • Puritanical Orgy Demo (2001)
  • Murdered In The Sewers EP (2004)
  • It Comes From Your Chest!!! EP (2006)
  • Brains On The Floor EP (2008)
  • Retarded Children of I.C.S and the God of Virginity Despoiling and Blood-Drinking Puritanical Despotically Ruling From His Throne of Skulls and Flawed Corpses With A Scepter of Eyes and Bloody Organs Cast Asunder Into the Sky of Black and Red Bloody Dark Shadowed Virgin Doom and Surrounded by Absurd Spawn From A Retarded Womb of Queen Nephrenika of the Spawn Brood Made by Flesh and Slaughter From the Involvement In Devouring Young Children and Teenagers in Violent Hedonistic Revelry EP (2010)

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