The International Bank of Business and Credit (IBBC) is the world's premiere private banking institution for high-net-worth individuals and multinational corporations.


With branches across the globe operated by top multidisciplinary professionals expert in all aspects of banking and related fields, the IBBC is structured to not only carefully manage your wealth and assets, but to help you or your business maximize every financial opportunity in an ever-shifting geopolitical and economic landscape.


Formed by Jonas Skarssen in 1995, the IBBC has since become the largest and most-respected private banking institution in the world. With a background in international finance and asset management, Mr. Skarssen brought together an unprecedented array of banking and business talent to form a company designed to deliver banking and consulting services that would maximize the potential of both existing and emerging international markets.

The IBBC is both global and local in its scope. Regardless of the breakdown of international barriers, business is still done locally and the IBBC retains experts on dozens of cultures around the world and their attendant customs and business practices.

This localized expertise combined with an in-depth and insightful understanding of geopolitical and economic dynamics, makes the IBBC the only institution of its kind that can deliver the highest level of financial services to a clientele who expects nothing less than the best.

Private Banking

In working with private individuals, the IBBC's fundamental philosophy is to build a custom package of services tailored to their unique needs. We believe that the bank/client relationship is best served through a personalized approach. Each client is assigned a coordinator who is expert in every facet of the IBBC organization. Working in tandem with the coordinator, clients' receive a completely personalized package of banking services that utilize the full scope of IBBC products and services along with appropriate offerings from partner companies.

IBBC understands the unique needs of the high-net-worth individual and we strive to offer the finest in 24/7 banking and financial services to each and every client no matter where he or she is in the world.

Available services include:

- 24/7 secure online banking
- Asset and portfolio management and strategy
- Tax strategies
- Wealth management
- Estate planning
- Legal advice
- Introduction to global markets and partner institutions

Corporate Banking

With the breakdown of traditional political and economic barriers beginning in the early 1990s, institutional investors and multinationals faced boundless opportunities coupled with immense challenges. The IBBC was originally formed with the idea of pooling international experts in these arenas to offer their expertise to clients looking for new ways to grow their business, leverage assets, and develop effective tax strategies.

Though the IBBC is a large institution with over 10,000 employees worldwide, we understand the imperative to be nimble when making deals in the international arena. With our expertise and connections at all levels of global and corporate governance, we can help facilitate fast, smooth transactions even in the most difficult of circumstances.

With a team comprised of the world's foremost banking and business professionals, the IBBC can provide your business with complete financial and banking services that include:

- Classic and alternate financing models
- Letters of credit
- Introductions to global financial markets
- Insurance and risk-management brokerage services
- Guidance in leveraging global markets to build your company's wealth
- Secure, anonymous transactions

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