Invasion is an novel written by Jack Smith.It features the friends characters trying to survive an Alien Invasion,But when one of them is infected,Can they survive long enough to escape from fate.


Ross wakes up with Rachel and Rachel talks to him.She says that they are coming,And then falls asleap.Ross confronts her the next day at Monica and Chandler's,But she says she has no idea what he is talking about.

The gang then decide to have an picnic at Central Park.When they look up at the sky,Phoebe points to an rare bird,But the bird then smacks into something which they can not see.The Bird then falls down and they all run to Monica's apartment.

Phoebe trys to phone her brother,And says to them that he is not answering his calls.They decide to have an sleepover,And Ross and Joey go to get some supplies while Rachel and Chandler go and get mattress's.

Ross and Joey are in the alley and are attacked by an Alien.They manage to escape and run to Monica's apartment and they tell them.Rachel then says she is going to Joey's to get his huggsy as he is too scared and she screams.

Ross and Chandler run and see an Alien cornoring Rachel.Ross dives at the alien and the alien infects him while Chandler drags an screaming Rachel out of the room.Joey and Phoebe beat up the Alien,Which runs away.

They take Ross to the spareroom and they turn on the tv.They learn that people in New York are getting attacked and killed by something weird.Then,Joey,Phoebe and Chandler run to Ross's to get some bread,As Monica has none and neither has Joey and Ross and Joey had dropped the suplies.

However,Phoebe is attacked by an Alien and Joey kicks it and locks it in the closet.It lets out an scream,Which results in hundreads of Aliens coming.They smash through the windoes while the Trio escape to the streets and manage to get back in.

They tell everyone what happened and they decide to go in the spareroom with Ross and hold up.The Aliens smash inside the apartment and look for them.Ross falls into an coma to everyone's horror.

Then,An Alien smashes through an window and grabs onto Rachel's hair.Ross suddenly wakes up and he and the others try to get Rachel back in.Then,The door they barricaded,As an Alien trying to cut through.Joey and Phoebe run to it to prevent this from happening.

Rachel is poured right out and befour Ross can prevent her death,The Alien drops her,The fall killing her befour she hits the ground.The Alien kills Joey when it sticks it tail right through his mouth.Monica runs over to Ross,Who is in shock over Rachel's death.An Alien smashes through the floor and kills Ross.Phoebe trys to get Monica away from the body.

Chandler screams look out when an Alien comes through the door and grabs onto Phoebe.Monica begs the Alien to let her go but it kills Phoebe.Chandler grabs onto Monica and the pair run while Aliens try to kill them.Chandler is killed and Monica crawls away from an Alien.The Alien then kills her.

Monica wakes up screaming,Which alerts a few Aliens.Rachel then has the plan to kill the Aliens then rush to the hospital to saveRoss.They all agree too,And they silenty open the door.They find out the Aliens are gone,So they rush out of the apartment.

They then find out that the New York citizens are either killed or are hideing.They find out in an radio that the Army are just going to hideout in the hospital called Mercy.They decide that they should go their.

They hotwire an truck but are chased by an couple of Aliens.An Alien smashes in and trys to pull Monica out,Who is driveing,Which nearly crashes the truck.However,Chandler saves her and they continue.

They crash the car in the parking lot and make an run for it to the hospital with a few Aliens in pursuit.A couple of soilders start shooting at the Aliens,But one hits Phoebe in the leg.They manage to get to the hospital safe.

They tell leader Mark that Ross has been infected.Mark then grabs an gun and is about to shoot when Rachel jumps onto him.Rachel is then captured by the members and the others are rushed into an basement.

Monica and the others then find out the Millitary are killing off the people in New york to prove that nothing happened as the Aliens were created by accident and now an nuclearer weapon.Monica is then rushed into the base where they kill and they hear her screaming.

Rachel is tortured when she refuses to tell how long Ross has been infected.When they threaten to shoot Ross,Rache spills the beans and they still plan to shoot Ross anyway.Rachel steals an gun and kills Mark.

Meanwhile,Monica is captured which an aproaching Alien walking up to her.She finds out that the Alien is captured for sport to watch it kill the humans.Monica breaks free from her chains and manages to strangle the Alien with it.

Phoebe manages to escape and frees the others.They then lead an riot which causes the Millitary to start shooting at them.Phoebe unleashes the captured Aliens,Which causes Chaos.Meanwhile,Rachel is cornored by Mark's brother Noel.Noel reveals he had created the Aliens and named them after his middle name Leonardo.He also reveals he has the liquid which creates them.

The Aliens burst in and Rachel manages to escape with Ross.Ross wakes up and reveals he wants to marry Rachel.Rachel acepts and the two kiss.Then,Noel comes in and says that the Aliens befour they invadeded,They targeted people in their sleep to reveal the army's purpose,But Rachel was the only one that got it,Due to the beginning.

Rachel,In an rage,Grabs an gun and starts gunning Noel down.Meanwhile,Phoebe and Joey rescue Monica and she asks where is Chandler.Chandler is seen fighting in the war.Then,They start an bomb and they run out with the other humans.Rachel and Ross escape and the hosptial explodes.Meanwhile,Noel is still alive and is seen driveing out,With the liquid in the back.

Rachel and Ross get married in Central Park and they move to Los Angelas along with Joey who is starring in an blockbuster sequal.Monica is pregnant and tells Chandler while Phoebe meets an man named Brian and they get married.They go to London,Leaving Chandler and Monica going to Japan.


  • Invasion Invasion in Japan Monica and Chandler do not respond to their friends mail,And when they arrive to Japan,They see why.
  • Invasion Curse The Aliens invade half the world,Leaving the other half in ruins.
  • Invasion Chamber The gang are in an spaceship,And find an dying Noel the boss of the Alien race.
  • Invasion Time The gang are in an battle against time to stop the alien race.

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