Invasion is a horror-science fiction film starring Kate Beckinsale, Oliver Hudson, Briana Evigan, Leah Pipes, Vanessa Morgan, Sanaa Lathan, Chandler Canterburry, Shantel VanSanten, Katharine McPhee, Chelan Simmons, Kay Panabaker, Ali Larter, Ryan Kwanten, Steven R. McQueen, Zac Efron, Jesse McCartney, Danielle Savre, Bobby Campo, Nick Zano, Cody Longo, Amanda Righetti, Taryn Manning, Abigail Breslin, Jessica Szohr, Sarah Roemer, Eric Christian Olsen, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Shawn Ashmore, Katrina Bowden, Greg Evigan and Agnes Bruckner




Kate Beckinsale as Dr. Jennifer Ashford

Oliver Hudson as Dr. Collin Smith

Ali Larter as Professor Carrie Holster

Ryan Kwanten as Professor Daniel Matthews

Nick Zano as Dr. Henry Michaels

Sanaa Lathan as Dr. Maria Campo

Greg Evigan as Professor Cole Haffner

High School StudentsEdit

Briana Evigan as Danielle Parker

Leah Pipes as Karen Walters

Vanessa Morgan as Elisa Campo

Shantel VanSanten as Angie Montana

Katharine McPhee as Heather Grammer

Chelan Simmons as Carly Tucker

Kay Panabaker as Mandy Clarkson

Steven R. McQueen as Seth Johnson

Zac Efron as Eric Murphy

Jesse McCartney as Jim Acker

Danielle Savre as Kelly Taylor

Bobby Campo as Derek Palmer

Cody Longo as Dylan Evans

Jessica Szohr as Dana King

Sarah Roemer as Kristen Castle


Amanda Righetti as Dakota Harrington

Taryn Manning as Michelle Simpson

Abigail Breslin as Chelsea Morris

Eric Christian Olsen as David Moore

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Melissa Cooper

Shawn Ashmore as Tom Hoffman

Chandler Canterburry as Billy Ashford

Katrina Bowden as Irene Banner

Agnes Bruckner as Madison Foster


Michelle Simpson-

Madison Foster-

Tom Hoffman-

David Moore-

Irene Banner- Melissa Cooper-

Eric Murphy-

Kristen Castle-

Kelly Taylor-

Jim Acker-

Carly Tucker-

Professor Cole Haffner-

Dakota Harrington-

Dana King-

Dr. Henry Michaels-

Professor Daniel Matthews-

Professor Carrie Holster-


Dr. Jennifer Ashford

Billy Ashford

Dr. Collin Smith

Danielle Parker

Karen Walters

Angie Montana

Dr. Maria Campo

Elise Campo

Heather Grammer

Mandy Clarkson

Seth Johnson

Derek Palmer

Dylan Evans

Chelsea Morris

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