Invasion of the Monster's is an novel that features the friends characters.They are forced to escape New York when an group of monsters consume the city,But can they escape,Alive.


The girls decide to go shopping while Joey acts for an cormercial.Chandler gets some milk,Missing about the report of the staute of Liberty collapsing into the sea.Meanwhile,At the mall,Phoebe and Monica are at the restroom.They encounter an monster which kills an woman.They manage to lock it in the stall and run to get Rachel.Rachel does not believe it but then Monsters everywhere attack the mall.They hide in an shoeshop where the survivors are hideing.

Joey calls Ross to ask him to pick him up,And Ross says he will be there.When driveing,Ross sees an terrified woman on the road.He gets out the car but she then hijacks the car.Ross is then attacked by a couple of monsters and manages to get inside the house where the woman was.

Chandler gets an pannic call from Monica who is explaining the situation.Chandler,Thinking it is an prank,Hangs up.Then,An Monster smashes into the window,And Chandler runs into the spareroom and locks it.He then barricades the door and the window.

Joey and his co-workers are then attacked by the monsters and he and Vera,An co-worker,Manage to escape by hideing in the managers office.Then,An Monster is in there and it kills Vera.Joey kills the monster by stabbing its eye.Then,Vera wakes up as an possessed woman,And she trys to kill Joey.Joey locks her in the shower room.

Ross encounters an monster inside and manages to get up in the attic.He then finds an woman named Maggie,Who says that her sister Barbara escaped without her.Thinking that Barbara was the one that hijacked him,Ross says to Maggie about her fate.

An Monster is in the shoe shop,Killing the survivors.Rachel and Phoebe are separated when someone opens the doors,Which results in people running in hordes with monsters.Monica gets to the parking lot and smashes into an car and hides.She waits on Phoebe and Rachel when she tells them to come to the car.

Rachel and Phoebe then lock themselve in the closet and hide there.An Monster trys to kill them but Phoebe sets it on fire and the two run to the parking lot.Then,An Monster jumps onto Rachel and the two fall down the stairs.Phoebe kills the monster and she helps Rachel back to the car.

Chandler then looks under the door and finds out that hundreads of monsters had consumed the apartment.Monica phones Chandler,Which he can't answer.She says she is going to the apartment.Chandler crys out when he relises that Monica will be killed.

Ross and Maggie then encounter an monster and the monster drags Maggie away.Ross kills the monster and they run out the house when more of them come.They run to Maggie's car and they drive out.

Joey sneaks out through the window and decides to to head back to his apartment.He sneaks and encounters Barbara running from two monsters.He kills the two and he and Barbara work together to survive.

Monica crashes the car into the entrance and tells the girls to head to the coffee house.Monica sneaks up and opens the door and the monsters try to attack her.Monica runs to Joey's apartment and locks the door.

Chandler sees the monsters away and thinks Monica is dead.He opens the door and lets out an long shout.The Monsters run to him and kill him.Monica hears this and starts crying.Meanwhile,Rachel finds out that Gunther had made the female monster and it had babys.He had hid it in the staute of liberty,Which when the monsters were big,They escaped.

Ross and Maggie then run into Joey and Barbara,And the two sisters argue.Ross is then nearly killed by an monster and they find Central Perk nearby.They find out Rachel and Phoebe are in and they let them in.

Then,Monsters try to get in,Which results in the door window smashed.They all head behind into the kitchen.The Monsters break in.Meanwhile,The monsters smash into Joey's apartment,And Monica blows herself up with them.The survivors see the explosion when they are in the alley.

Ross is too upset to leave,And Rachel and Maggie try to convince him that he should move on.Then,The Monsters manage to get out and they escape,But Maggie trips up.Maggie is dragged away screaming.

They rush to an hospital when learning from an radio that is where the survivors are getting picked up.When they get in an car,An Monster smashes in and trys to drag Barbara and Phoebe out.Rachel kills the spider but is too late to save Barbara.

They are at the hospital and they are checked for infection.Then,The Monsters smash in and the soilders try to get the survivors to the planes as quickly as possible.Rachel is one of the lucky ones to get in an helicopter,But she trys to convince the pilot to get her friends in.The helicopter flys off.

However,Another ends up picking the rest up,And when things seem good,They find most biggest Monster of them whole,The one Gunther created.It's tail smashes the helicopter,Which lands in Central Park.

Phoebe is the first one to wake up,And shakes Ross.She then looks at an baby monster eating Joey and the pilot.Phoebe drags Ross out of the helicopter and she and him try to head away but they hide under the bridge.Then,New York is suffering explosions from the goverment.It is then suggested that Ross and Phoebe were killed during the explosions.

Rachel is seen getting to Florida and she is rushed into the Millitary base.She crys out in shock and thinks she is about to get killed.She and the other survivors see an woman getting blowen up in an lab.

Phoebe wakes up and finds out Ross has disapeared.She crawls around trying to get out of the bricks.She then looks at the remains of New york and starts crying.Phoebe looks around and finds Ross.She wakes him up and She helps him escape.

Rachel is turned into the lab and finds out she is going to get shot.She manages to escape and kills a couple of the guards.As revenge,She lets out the monsters which go and cause chaos.Rachel then hides in an office.

Ross and Phoebe rush to the last building still standing.They find out that the world thinks New York was blowen up as an terrorist attack.Raged,Phoebe starts smashing stuff and tells Ross that they are going to die.

An Monster smashes in and trys to kill Rachel.Rachel smashes its head in with an keyboard.Rachel then finds out that the building is quarantined.Rachel grabs an gun and she shoots herself.Phoebe then has an sudden feeling that Rachel is dead,And does not tell Ross.

Then,Monsters come and trys to kill them.Phoebe and Ross escape to the elevator,But an Monster smashes in and kills Ross.Phoebe screams as the elevator doors closes.Phoebe is then killed by the monster and the elevator door opens,Showing the corpses of Phoebe and Ross.

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