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Iron Arrow is a character from the New Amaglam Universe. He is a fusion of DC's Green Arrow and Marvel's Iron Man.

Biography Edit

Oliver Stark was the CEO of Stark Industries. When he was testing an experimental plane, he lost his balance and crashed onto an island. He lost his balance because a former employee of his that he fired named Count Vertigo Nefaria used a machine on his eye to induce vertigo into Oliver. Oliver was captured by terrorists, and they knowing who he was forced him to make them a missille. Oliver's heart was heavily damaged and his captors wouldn't give him any medical attention. Instead of making a missille he made a mechanical suit wih a built in pacemaker, to keep his heart going, flamethrowers, and made a high tech bow and arrows. He escaped from and wiped out the terrorists. He survived on the island for a few years until he was eventually rescued. He returned to his home of Star City, and became the superhero Iron Arrow.


War Aresnal/Roy Rhodes (fusion of DC's Roy Harper and Marvel's War Machine)Edit

Roy was raised by a Navajo medicine chief named Brave Bow after his father, a forest ranger, died in a forest fire.

Falcon/Mia Bishop (fusion of DC's Mia Dearden and Marvel's Kate Bishop)Edit

Hawkeye Arrow/Clint Hawke (fussion of DC's Connor Hawke and Marvel's Hawkeye)Edit


-Edwin Pennyworth (DC's Wilfred Pennyworth/Marvel's Edwin Jarvis)


-Count Vertigo (DC's Count Vertigo/Marvel's Count Nefaria)

-Mandarin Al Ghul (DC's Ra's Al Ghul/Marvel's Mandarin)

-Ulu (DC's Ubu/Marvel's Ultimo)

-Doctor Laser (DC's Doctor Light/Marvel's Living Laser)

-Power Brick (DC's Brick/Marvel's Erik Stephan Josten)

-Constantine Whirlwind (DC's Constantine Drakon/Marvel's Whirlwind)

-Crimson Archer (DC's Rainbow Archer/Marvel's Crimson Dynamo)

-Par A Llax (DC's Paralax/Marvel's Fin Fang Foom)

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