Iron Man: Wrecking Crew is an Iron Man game that ties in with the Iron Man 2 storyline after the movie. The game follows a character named Wrecking Crew, who built his armor differently from that of War Machine or Iron Man. Whereas Iron Man uses energy and War Machine uses projectile weapons and rockets, Wrecking Crew utilized both in a setup which results in a heavy light suit of armor.

Plot Summary

Iron Man and his partner War Machine have sucessfully defeated the Crimson Dynamo. Stark is accepted into the Avengers Initiative as a consultant. After testing, Pvt. James Sheldon is given blueprints, and comes up with his own suit of armor, nicknaming it "Wrecking Crew". In the meanwhile, Thor's hammer Mjolnir has impacted into New Mexico, and the Avengers Initiative has taken this as an opporunity to search for Captain America, a legendary supersoldier. And a new villain arises...


Gameplay with Wrecking Crew is different and similar to Iron Man and War Machine's gameplay styles. Whereas Iron Man focuses on maneuverability and War Machine focuses on damage, Wrecking Crew focuses on overwhelming the enemy with tactics and flight. Wrecking Crew carries three types of weapons: the Repulsor Rifle, which is a J.A.R.V.I.S.-designed handheld repulsorbeam rifle twice the power of Iron Man's, the Machine Gun, which is essentially a double-barreled rifle, and missile weapons mounted on Wrecking Crew's shoulders. Each of the weapons targets a weakness in armor.

The Repulsor weapons are designed to kill enemies with reflective armor, which accounts for most robotic enemies. Bullets and projectiles will bounce off of reflective armor. The Repulsor Rifle uses an overheating battery system: as the weapon is fired, the battery empties. When the battery empties, it much recharge. Reloading takes a second but induces a full recharge instantly. The rifle can fire a singular beam or several pulse blasts. As upgrades increase the size and damage of lasers, eventually a flamethrower will be unlocked as an underbarrel attachment, and then a sort-of EMP beam which disables targets temporarily by dumping gargantuan amounts of heat and energy into the enemy, but wastes half the battery instantly. The final upgrade is a Unibeam, which takes a second to charge, and drains the entire battery, but when fired cuts through any and almost all enemies and kills almost all sub-boss enemies.

The Projectile weapons are designed to kill organic targets, which use refractive armor. Repulsor blasts will reflect off of the refractive armor. At first, only a single machinegun will be there, but a second can be added. The second barrel is an autocannon, which fires either automatically or in a 8 round burst. The machineguns never overheat the Machine Gun, but the autocannons do. Fortunately, autocannons can be upgraded so that they can use more ammo in straight firing before they overheat the gun (for example, an Autocannon 50 can fire fifty rounds before overheat). A reload can force a cool-down. The final weapon is the Knight, a mobile artillery which is a miniaturized self-loading Paladin (hence the name, as Paladin is higher than Knight). When Knight fires, once again, it kills almost all sub-boss enemies, but overheats the gun instantly.

Both Repulsor and Projectile weapons are useful against Blast Shields, which protect against rockets by reducing the splash and main damage.

There are three types of rocket weapons: short-range, medium-range, and long-range. At the start, only long-range missiles have homing, but the short and medium range missiles can have homing systems added. All missiles must lock onto a target before they can use homing. Short-range missiles only fly 500 meters but have the most power, whereas long-range rockets can fly five kilometers, a very long distance, and are very maneuverable. The rockets fired per burst can be upgraded. The ultimate rocket is the Lightning Strike, an obscenely-large non-homing rocket with devastating power. Launched from the back, it is the most devastating splash weapon, able to kill most sub-boss enemies with splash alone.

Wrecking Crew can also upgrade his armor. Upgrades include:

Anti-missile systems. They consist of a laser and a mini-gun mounted on Wrecking Crew's shoulders, under the rocket launchers. The weapons destroy missiles, and in their spare time can attack infantry targets. Upgrades increase damage and lock time.

Jamming suites. The jamming suites jam enemy radar, prevent enemies with rockets from locking on, and allow you to hide easier from robots since they have to search for you. Upgrades increase the jamming radius and effect.

Shielding. Wrecking Crew gets two types of shielding, of which only one can be activated at once. The first is kinetic impact reflection shielding. These shields work by absorbing bullets (and some laser energy), coating them with the shield portions used to block them, and then reflecting them away from the shield towards the firing location, but at a slower speed. The second is an energy-absorbing EMP shield, which adds a purple bar under the shields. The shield stores the energy used to block lasers (and some bullets) in capacitors, which fill the purple bar. When the bar fully charges, an electro-magnetic pulse can be used. It is slightly tweaked to be a room-clearer, which knocks enemy bullets to the ground, self-destructs rockets on course towards you, disperses lasers, and kills all sub-boss enemies in the EMP's area of effect. Upgrades for the reflection shield improve the strength and speed of reflected bullets, and eventually allows the shield to reflect lasers instantly. Upgrades for the absorption shield include reducing the EMP cost, and increasing the AoE and damage of the EMP (eventually allowing two EMPs to kill miniboss enemies). At the highest level, EMPs will deal damage to boss enemies, and bullets can be stopped and put into the shield.

A jetpack. Though Wrecking Crew has less of an emphasis on flight, he can still upgrade himself to carry a jetpack on his back, allowing for flight and hovering. Some enemies are killed easier through flying, others can only be dealt with by flight. While flying, Wrecking Crew can also sacrifice some health to perform a Sonic-like Lock-On Charge, which basically sends him rocketing towards a locked-on enemy and crashing right through him, usually killing him instantly.

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