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Issac Fisher is a main character on the American TV series Law & Order: Miami.

Issac is played by actor Michael Fassbender.


Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Issac had a father who was a respected Police captain and his mother was a Highway Patrolman. During a charity event, several men came in and shot up the room, killing Issac's mother, injuring over 32 guests and parilyzing his father. The men were never caught and Issac's father was forced to retire due to his life-changing injury.

Ten years later, Issac decided to become a law enforcement officer to "avenge" his mother and father, who had died during Issac's college years. After only three months on the job, Issac was promoted to Junior Detective and was transfered to New York City for a short time. Issac was once again transferred to Miami's CIFB after being promoted to Senior Detective after his arrest of one of New York's most notorious drug lords. After getting to Miami, Issac met his fellow partners in the Criminal Investigation and Forensic's Bureau, where he has been for nearly three weeks.

Favored Weapon

9MM Berretta


  • Issac's parents' names were Jeremy and Alicia.
  • Issac considered becoming an attorney, but decided that law enforcement gives people the most honor of putting away criminals.

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