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Missile launchers on top of plane

Ivan Korshunov is an evil monster that once was human until President Marshall killed him long ago. His dead body was shoot into deep space and was later reborn by Darth Grievous into an evil Demon General. He was a feared Demon General in the 20 Great Demon Generals and lead the dark legion to conquering more innocent planets. He was killed by the Protectobots on Korriban when he tried to sneak up and kill the Robots.


Ivan was leading a bunch of Terrorists to help Gibbs hijack the Air Force One. He then forced the Vice President of the United States and Petrov to release Radek or he will kill a hostage in every half hour. He killed a security adviser, a innocent unarmed women named Melony and he even dangerously wounded a person. He was about to kill Marshall's first family but was killed during his attempt to escape Air Force One.

His body was later ejected into outer space and after the Sith Legion got his body he was immediately reborn by Darth Grievous with an alternate mode as a MiG by trapping his dead body into a cocoon which later hatched into a monster.

Ivan was a deadly warrior of the Sith and was leading demons across the Galaxy inflicting fear to all of the Autobots and the Jedi. When he learned about Radeks Death Ivan lead an invasion to destroy Cybertron but his attack was repulsed by Jetstorm. He also does not get along with his fellow demon generals especially Gigatron.

He was at the battle of Korriban where the Protectobots killed him by swatting his MiG-29 form out of the sky.

Dark FutureEdit

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Ivan was killed by the Autobot planes during the final battle of the Autobots last stand.

Physcial AppearencesEdit

Ivan looks like a MiG-29 in his vehicle form.

In his evil Demon General robot mode he looks like Dark Laser only he has cyclonus's head instead of Dark Lasers head.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ivan was a major Terrorist who was able to get what he want from the Americans and Russians like an Airborne Refuel for Air Force One and was able to forced James Marshall to release Radek.

In his Demon General Form he transforms into a devil version of the MiG-29 and wields powerful and Dark magic. Like all the Demon Generals he can use his cape as a shield and wield powerful abilities like force push and force choke and his body resemblence is a homage to one of the Cape wearing Meterax warriors from Sonic X.

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