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" | Makes him fire an artillery cannon on the back of the jet modes fuselage armed to the teeth with multiple rockets

Stealth Force Mode

armed to the teeth with multiple rockets

Ivan Radek is an evil Dictator that was killed back in the old days in the hands of Petrov's men. His body was jettison into outer space until Darth Grievous reborn him into a demon General that serves the 20 Great Demon Generals and has a MiG-29 alternate mode. He did not live that long and he died in the hands of Ironhide.


Radek is arrested by the American and Russian Special Ops. He was placed in the Gulags for attempting to turn Asia into a new Soviet empire. After James Marshall called Petrov to free him he was released and was seen in his military uniform and walking to the Mi-24 Hind copter until the Russian Guards killed him. 6 MiG-29s loyal to Radek were sent to destroy Air Force One to avenge General Radeks death but the MiG-29s were shot down.

After his death his dead body was jettisoned into space where Darth Grievous transformed him into a Demon General with a MiG-29 alternate mode by trapping his dead body in a cocoon which later hatched into a monster.

Radek lead the Sith across the Galaxy until during the siege of Cybertron he was killed when reinforcements from Ironhide came by and Ironhide killed Radek with 5 slashes with a lightsaber.

Darkmount took his place as a member of the 20 great demon generals since there can only be 20 demon generals in the group.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Ivan Radek killed several Autobots but later on was sealed in a cocoon and was transformed into the most scariest insect like monster ever wearing an evil cape and an evil sombrero.


Radek transforms into a MiG-29 which is armed with bombs, missiles, gattling guns and a null ray. His Robot mode looks like a reptilian monster wearing a fireproof cloak which shields him from heat. He can shoot lightning at enemies and possess massive strength which can rival Omega Supremes power.

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