Ivy is the younger sister of Davian and the strongest of the 4 static heroes which occur in all 3 games, Herself, Davian, Jon, and Cody.

  • Age: 26
  • Born: 2073
  • Height:
    • 6'02" (6'06" in Titan X)
      • 5'09" (Unarmored)
      • 6'02" (Unhelmeted)
      • 6'04" (With Helmet)
  • Weight:
    • 216 lbs. (956 lbs. in Titan X)
      • 132 lbs. (Unarmored)
      • 236 lbs. (In Basic Armor)
      • 954 lbs. (Equipment and all)

History Edit

Life as a Titan 2 Edit

Ivy joined the Titan 2's to find her brother Davian, who had joined the military to provide for her. She and a few other Titan 2s managed to escape from the wrath of Titan Industries. They joined the MSWG, and there he found her older brother that she had been searching so long for, Davian.

Role in the Team Edit

Out of the 4 members, excluding those with 1 time only appearances, such as Nathan or Zack, she is the strongest and best with melee weapons. Her primary weapon is an Ion Sword which appears as a handle with a blade made completely of electrically charged Ions in the shape of a Katana blade. She is highly intelligent and witty and like her brother is a natural leader. Often times she is the first one into battle, charging in ahead of everyone else and hacking away at her enemies. She is easily annoyed though.

Towards other Strikers Edit

To other members she is pretty aggressive. It is really her own team she cares about, and she could not care less for the aliens teaming up with them, although they have her thanks for helping them. Behind her general aggressive attitude she is timid and calm, she often prays, as she is a strict Christian unlike her brother Davian, who is unsure of his religion status, and Jon, who is a strict Athiest.

Trivia Edit

  • Not many female characters are as strong or powerful as Ivy is physically speaking, and usually fill the role of the squad sniper or light-weaponist, Ivy is one of the first strong female characters in a game that actually plays a major role.
  • Although Ivy is a major leader character in the game, she is one of the youngest.

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