J. Freeman
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Date of birth

August 17th, 2510

Date of death

December 2nd, 2552 (43)

Physical description





6'01", 195 lb.

  • MA5 Assault Rifle
  • MA37
  • M932 DMR
  • SRS-99C Sniper Rifle
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Chronological and political information

Regal One-Three, UEG


Captain J (Full name unknown) Freeman was the leader of Regal One-Three and their second best sniper. Freeman was notable for his extremely 'by the books' way of doing things, not unlike Sierra Two Five Nine of the previous SRD team. While not being as high of a rank, Hood complemented him as being one of the best fireteam leaders he had encountered in all his years. He was shot in the aorta by SPARTAN-010 with a SRS99D Sniper Rifle, and then bled to death afterwards.


"Some of us were born to lead, others were born to follow"
—Chancellor Adrian Freeman, father of J. Freeman


Not much is known about his life before the UNSC, but what is known is Freeman was born to a wealthy philanthropist and Chancellor, at that time, of the Unified Earth Governments. Freeman didn't get to know his father very well, for at the age of 12 his father was assassinated by a URF hitman. Freeman, planning to go into politics, was instead sent to live with his uncle, who was a veteran of the Inner Colony Wars. As the years passed he was further indoctrinated into a soldier-state of mind, with the deadly mix of a politician and capitalism instilled. Said uncle had "connections" in the UNSC, which he used to pull some strings and get young Freeman enlisted several years early, at the young age of 15.

Early CareerEdit

Freeman enlisted with the 105th Shock Troops Division. During training, Freeman proved himself to be a competent leader, as such, he was promoted from Recruit straight to Private First Class, a rarity - which showed his exceptional skill amongst the Helljumpers, which is quite a feat considering their sheer aggression and battlefield abilities. Freeman participated in the First Battle of Harvest as a Corporal, leading a fireteam of 6. All six survived and his mission of assisting Ponder in the evacuation of civilians from the planet was a success. Freeman notably showed remorse for Captain Ponder after his death, but only for a moment, as Sergeant Simmons, the Squad leader, reminded him that they had a job to do, and that the remorse for a fallen squadmate can lead to guilt in killing. It was at this moment, of accepting this advice, Freeman began to harden into the killing machine he would become in later years, a major thorn in the side of the Covenant for the rest of the Harvest Campaign, and beyond.

Harvest CampaignEdit

Freeman and Shrek during Harvest.

Despite Cole's pyrrhic victory, the Covenant began swarming the Outer Colonies and were determined to retake control of Harvest. They sent more ships there and engaged UNSC forces on the surface as well as in space. The Covenant were clearly looking for something on the planet, and would stop at nothing to find it. The UNSC continued to retaliate, with most engagements occurring in the ruined cities of Harvest.

The young and ambitious marine, promoted to Sergeant, was slated to lead a squad of 12. It was here he met his first team member, and the only Marine to rival him in Sniping to this day, Shrek, who was a Private at the time. Freeman found that the two of them complemented each other well in battle, with Freeman usually serving as the spotter in ground engagements. The duo served as a major cog in the wheel of many victories by the UNSC on the ground, which usually included them holing up in a good vantage point, safe from much enemy fire, and picking off the Covenant forces one by one. On one occasion they were actually assisted by more and more people, as they collected their will together to fight on, one by one. Cole noted Freeman's charisma and leadership abilities, and he was considered for another promotion, this time to full on Staff Sergeant at the young age of 21.

Eventually, the UNSC gained the upper hand on the ground and began to slowly push the Covenant back. It was soon assumed that victory was inevitable, with UNSC forces taking back most of what was left of the planet. These victories, along with Cole's original victory, were being broadcast across the colonies, as a sign of hope to boost morale.

During the final liberation, Freeman was assigned to assist Forge in defending Alpha Base and securing a Forerunner structure. They led an assault to capture the Forerunner relic which had been excavated by the Covenant. As the UNSC forces approached the structure, the Prophet of Regret ordered the Arbiter to destroy the it in order to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. However, the UNSC managed to destroy the detonator in time, and push into the interior of the structure. It was after this battle that Freeman was promoted and moved to a different ship, along with Shrek, where they would participate in a larger battle 2 years later which involved Freeman's homeworld.

Battle of BallastEdit

"My thoughts on the newly captured alien? I hope they torture him within an inch of his pathetic life..."
—GySgt. Freeman

In 2533, Ballast was attacked by the Covenant. The attack was a Sangheili led offense, led by no other than Field Marshall Re'gish Wamik, who had recently been promoted from Zealot. When Freeman learned that the Sangheili was the one behind most of the victories of the Covenant on Harvest, and was personally responsible for killing several of his original unit, Freeman wanted revenge, especially considering the fact his home town of Ulkhai was under attack as well. He held Wamik responsible for all the civilians that died at his hands. Now a Gunnery Sergeant, Freeman led an attack on his personal ship, the Bloody Faith. Freeman leading a squad of 16, dropped in HEV's right onto the ship. The 16 Helljumpers infiltrated the ship, eliminated the command crew, including Wamik, and later forced the ship to land for repairs. It was at this time that a massive force of 3 Marine Divisions stormed the ship, overrunning it. Gunnery Sergeant Freeman was congratulated as personally leading the defense of his homeworld, and awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions, which included the capture of a living Sangheili Zealot, which was used for interrogation.

Battle of EarthEdit




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