Jack and Jill is 2003 Psychological Detective Thriller Film directed by David Fincher the director of Thriller Classics such as Panic Room and Se7en.

It is based on the 1995 James Patterson Crim Novella of the Alex Cross series.

The film features Morgan Freeman reprising Alex Cross as he played him in the prequel films Kiss The Girls and Along Came a Spider.

It also stars Diane Lane, Elisabeth Shue, Timothy Olyphant, Bill Nunn, Maddison Pettis, Marc John Jefferies and Chris Klein.

It heavily changes the story of the original novel.


The story chronicles three stories that connect before a twist ending.

One chronicling Alex Cross distraught about the violations of his niece victim Naomi and his persisting questions lead her to remember what Nick Rubenstein and Dr. Sachs did to her.

Naomi then commits suicide leaving Alex with her angry mother/his sister wishing never to see him again.

The story then involves a psychopathic Bonnie and Clyde couple meets Mickey and Mallory who plan to take on high society by taking down the White House in bloodshed.

The couple address themselves as Jack and Jill and begin with kidnapping the President's Daughter.

A twisted female child murderer-rapist known as Chop Top Chucky is hired by Jack and Jill as a potential holder of the President's Daughter.

The President's Senator convinces him not suade with their ransom and as a result the innocent president's daughter is hand to the sadistic murdering paedophile.

Alex Cross takes the case and finds a degree of emotional ties when his 10- Year Old Son Damon was a schoolmate of the President's Daughter.

Alex draws closer to catching the Jack and Jill but as a result becomes a target and puts his son Damon in danger.

Damon and his 11 year old girlfriend are abducted by Jack and Jill and handed to the Chop Chucky.

With unspeakable acts of violation, torture and degradation bestowed on the innocent children one of which his child Alex races the clock does the unspeakable in return.


  • Morgan Freeman as Detective Alex Cross
  • Diane Lane as Detective Joan Teeper
  • Elisabeth Shue as Jill/Sara Rosen
  • Timothy Olyphant as Jack/Sam Harrison
  • Maddison Pettis as Pearl W. Bush
  • Marc John Jefferies as Damon Cross
  • Aleisha Allen as Wendy West
  • Chris Klein as Chop Top Chucky
  • Sarah Roemer as Natalie Sheehan
  • Lauren Graham as Mrs. Johnson

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