CTU Agent Jack Bauer

Full Name: Jackson "Jack" Phillip Bauer
Date of Birth: February 18, 1966
Place of Birth: Santa Monica, California, USA
Relatives: Phillip Bauer (father, deceased), Shirley Bauer (mother, deceased), Graem Bauer (brother, deceased), Teri Bauer (wife, deceased), Kimberly Bauer (daughter), Josh Bauer (nephew)
Nationality: American
Rank: Captain, USA (Ret.)
Occupation: Former CTU Agent turned international fugitive
Affiliations: CTU (Los Angeles Domestic Unit), CIA (Special Activities Division/SOG), United States Army (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta)
Legal Status: U.S. citizen with multiple arrest warrants
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California
Current Status: Active

History: Jackson Phillip Bauer was born on February 18, 1966 to industrialist Phillip Bauer and Shirley Bauer. He was raised in Santa Monica, California. Jack's mother died when he was a child and he was never close to his father, nor to his older brother Graem. He also lived an atypical life for an upper-class teenager. He shunned his family's wealthy background and rode motorcycles and often surfed for fun. A couple of months before graduating from high school, Jack's girlfriend, Teri, became pregnant. A few days after Jack graduated, he and Teri were married. He later began attending the University of California, Los Angeles. To financially support his wife and daughter, Kim, Jack worked various part-time jobs while also attending college classes. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and then enlisted in the United States Army as an officer candidate.

Upon completing basic combat training, Jack went on to Officer Candidate School. After OCS, he attended the Infantry Officer Basic Course and then the U.S. Army Airborne School. After airborne training, Jack went through the Ranger Orientation Program and Ranger School, earning his Ranger Tab. He was then assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment as a platoon leader in the 3rd Ranger Battalion. Eventually, Jack rose to the position of company executive officer. Having honed his field skills as an Airborne Ranger, he later attended and graduated from the Infantry Officer Advanced Course. Soon after, Jack attended the Assessment and Selection Course for the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. Upon successful completion of the course, he went on to the Operator Training Course. Afterwards, Jack joined Delta Force as an assault troop commander. Sometime later, he earned a Silver Star for his actions during one covert operation in Bosnia.

Jack left the Army after eight years of distinguished service and then applied to join the Central Intelligence Agency. Before he could join the Agency, he had to go through a thorough medical and psychological exam, a polygraph interview and an extensive background investigation. Upon successfully completing the entire application process, Jack was selected to serve in the CIA's Special Operations Group of the Special Activities Division. After an orientation period, he was sent to the CIA Special Training Center - "The Farm," Camp Peary for intensive operational training. There, Jack went through the Basic Operations Course, which trained him in various so-called "tradecraft" skills, including infiltration and exfiltration techniques. While at The Farm, he received exceptionally high marks for physical endurance, logic, and psychological ops exercises.

After training, he became a paramilitary operations officer. In this capacity, Jack participated in clandestine and covert CIA paramilitary operations all over the world. A little under year into his CIA career, his exemplary work caught the attention of Christopher Henderson, the Director of Field Operations for the Los Angeles Domestic Unit of the Counter Terrorist Unit. Henderson contacted Jack and made an offer of employment with CTU. The Counter Terrorist Unit is a U.S. government agency set up to relieve other American federal agencies of their scattered counter-terrorist programs by consolidating the U.S. civilian anti-terrorist effort into one organization. Although loosely affiliated with the CIA, CTU is an independent agency. Therefore, unlike the CIA, its operational jurisdiction is both foreign and domestic.

Jack accepted the job offer and joined the Los Angeles Domestic Unit as the Assistant Director of Field Operations. On Jack's first day at CTU Los Angeles, his first mission was to protect the recently-defected IRA member Moira O'Neal from attack by her former associates. Four agents died when Tim McGinnis' crew of hitmen attacked the safe house where O'Neal was being held. Jack managed to escape to safety with O'Neal, and later killed McGinnis' group before they could get to her. Soon after, Jack participated in a joint CTU-MI6 mission designated "Operation Nightfall." The objective was to assassinate Serbian war criminal Viktor Drazen. Intelligence suggested that Drazen was plotting to develop a new international terrorist organization, using wealth acquired through his criminal activities. A strike team, led by Jack, destroyed the compound where Drazen was believed to be hiding. Unfortunately, Drazen was not in the building at the time, but his wife and daughter were killed. Jack's entire team was slaughtered by Drazen's men, who used the team's supposedly scrambled radio frequency to track them. Sometime after that incident, Jack served as the Section Captain during the CTU response to the Hotel Los Angeles attack. During this time, Jack began taking night classes at the University of California, Berkeley. He eventually earned a Master of Science in Criminology and Law.

At some point, Jack discovered evidence that Christopher Henderson was taking bribes by selling classified intelligence to defense contractors. Jack blew the whistle on his former mentor, along with two other corrupt CTU agents. Although there wasn't enough evidence to convict the three of anything, there was enough evidence that they were all fired. After the wife of one of the disgraced agents committed suicide, Jack earned the scorn and distrust of many at CTU. However, Administrative Director Richard Walsh was so impressed with him that he promoted Jack to Senior Field Operations Agent at the CTU Division Command's Los Angeles Office. As a Senior Agent, Jack excelled and eventually served as the Team Leader during Operation Proteus. He even spent an assignment in Beirut, where to gain critical information he was forced to torture a terrorist responsible for a bombing of the U.S. embassy. Although the terrorist died during the torture, Jack got the information from him. Jack also served in several undercover roles. In one undercover assignment, he posed as a Los Angeles police officer. In the course of that assignment, he attended and passed the Basic SWAT School and then briefly served in the LAPD SWAT Team.

After less than two and a half years with CTU, Jack was promoted to Special Agent in Charge of the Los Angeles Domestic Unit. Just a few days after the promotion, Jack flew to New York City and teamed up with a civilian named Caitlin O'Connor to take down the imminent threat of an act of coordinated terrorism and an attempted influenza pandemic. Millions of Americans would have died, but Jack and CTU were able to thwart both plans as part of Operation Hell Gate. Around this time, Jack and Teri were having marital problems. As a result they briefly separated. During this separation, Jack had a brief relationship with his second-in-command, Chief of Staff Nina Myers. Jack quickly ended the relationship and began patching things up with Teri. He then moved back in with her and Kim. Just a couple of weeks after Jack and Teri reconciled, the Democratic California presidential primary occurred. During that day, life altering events would happen to Jack and his family, Senator David Palmer and numerous other people.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond

Strength Level: Jack Bauer appears to be in peak human condition and possesses the strength level of a man his age, height and build who engages in extensive regular exercise.

Abilities: Jack Bauer is an highly experienced field agent with a military background. He possesses a multitude of useful skills, such as clue analysis, stealth, piloting and electronic communication and is an expert at interrogation and persuasion techniques performed under great stress, a skill that is fueled by great strength of personality. He is also very athletic, a crack shot, and a highly proficient (advanced) hand to hand combatant. His physique, apparently top-notch, allows him to go and go for days without rest, sleep or food, and he can continue at unrelenting speed even after strenuous torture or injury. In fact, Jack Bauer appears to be a daring and seemingly indestructible counterterrorism operative.

Weapons and Equipment: 9mm Heckler & Koch P30 (His current weapon of choice), Heckler & Koch USP Compact Handgun (His former weapon of choice) and other weapons at his disposal. He has been known for using bulletproof vests and other tactical equipment for counterterrorism.

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