Jack Krowe is a Marine Private in the Halo movie. He is portrayed by Shia LeBeouf.


  • Age: 26
  • Rank: Private First Class
  • Height: 5'09"
  • Weight: 146 lbs.

Early life and the UNSC Edit

Krowe was always viewed as the nerd or 'stupid whiteboy' at his school, but he managed to get through High School with good grades and went onto college. He trained for a life in the Marines, shooting for a goal as chief rifleman. He successfully passed the Physical requirements to do so and was granted the role of Chief Rifleman and Marksman after scoring an above average on eyesight. During 2552 he was stationed on Reach along with Jason Crispy and had the unfortunate luck of being at the base when the bombs went off and the Covenant attacked. He along with Crispy managed to escape onto The Pillar of Autumn just as it exited Reach's atmosphere.

The Battle of Halo Edit

Him and Crispy were present during the Battle of Halo. After helping the Chief detonate the Autumn's fusion reactors they escaped after him in a second Warthog, however the explosions of a Covenant Carrier outside caused their warthog to flip. Master Chief offered to lift the vehicle off of them, but doing so would kill Crispy, who was pinned beneath the vehicle. After The Master Chief and Johnson escape, they are supposedly take aboard a Covenant Carrier just as it slip space jumped away from Halo.

Future Films Edit

Neill Blomkamp has confirmed both Krowe and Crispy will appear in later films. As they are currently onboard a Covenant ship known as Freedom Fire. And is the Flagship of the Future Arbiter, who is only seen briefly in the film.

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