Jack Nightmare
file:Jack Nightmare edited-1.jpg
Jack Nightmare
relationships Ichi-kun Fox(loved one)
friends Ichi-kun Fox.
status Deity
weapons katana, two pistols, nun-chuck, Katara, Scythe, Broad Sword, and lots and lots of knives
fighting style Bad-Ass Ninja, Casshern, Super Sentai
nationality UNK

Jack Nightmare is the imbodiment of fear and the Nightmares that scare others in the realm of sleep, even though his intentions are different.

Personal life

'When 'Jack first realized that all of his affairs were dreams and yet his human form was still asleep, he began to feel alone. He commanded his dreams to have a mind of there own. In that way, people in his world of sleep had awoke with anger and hatred towards him. He was still alone. With no hope of ending this horror of being surrounded by those who were nothing but an imagination. In order for his lonely body to disappear, he must find what mankind knows as "Earth" and go there so he wouldn't be alone and be with those he cares about.


He will appear in a "planned" audio drama series.

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