Jade Wong

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Debut Parallel (???)
Availability ???
Speed ???

Ultimo X

Jade Wong is one of the modern Timekeepers, and a powerful opponent.



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"Finally, you've come. I have been waiting for quite some time. I trust you have come to stop me."
—Jade Wong to Ultimo X[src]

Jade Wong was born in a small town New York, the youngest of three children. Her parents, both Asian-American, moved to New York City a few years later. When she was twelve, her parents left to get her something, and were involved in a deadly car crash. She sat on her bed with her sister Alexis, watching the day slowly creep into night, waiting for her parents to come home and tell her that everything was alright. Unfortunately, they passed away, and Jade's older brother, Gemini, was forced to take care of his sisters. For the next three years, Jade lived with the gulit that she killed her parents.

Some time later, when she was fifteen, her grandfather suffered a heart attack, and Gemini visited him in the hospital. Secretly, Jade's grandfather was a Timekeeper, a group of humans with the power to control time. He told Gemini this, and when he died in that room a few minutes later, Gemini, as he was the last person in contact with his grandfather, was given the Timekeeper powers. In order to protect his sisters, he never told them what happened. Eventually, Alexis moved away from her siblings, becoming like a mercenary. This left both Gemini and Jade heart-broken, as she was the sweetest girl you could have ever met.

About a year later, when Jade was sixteen, her brother was violently murdered by Vestess, the other Timekeeper, who was a truly evil man. She found him before he died, but he didn't get the chance to tell her that she would become the next Timekeeper before he perished. She found out the next day when she froze a seinor at her high-school who was making advances towards her. She thought of herself as a freak, staying away from anyone and everyone. It was a the local library that she found an ancient-looking book that contained the history of the Timekeepers, as well as the Morph's, another group of humans who had the ability to change molocules.

The book told of a great war that left the Morph's all but extinct, and left the two then-current Timekeepers dead. She noted the name of the writers of the book; Hughe and Sophie Danari. Eventually, she tracked them down to a small house on the outskirts of New York City. There, she a found a young boy, tears rolling down his face. The house was surrounded by police, and she saw the bodies of the writers inside. She conluded that this boy must be their son, so she sat down next to him and tried to ease his burden. She, too, knew what he was going through.

They stuck together for a while, as both of them had nowhere to go. She casually asked the boy, who identifed himself as Janar, about the book, and he replied that he did not know what she talking about. She eventually tracked down Alexis, but she was not willing to help Jade or Janar. They eventually settled in an abandoned apartment, where she showed Janar the mysterious book. He read through the book, and revealed a shocking truth: He was a Morph. His parents were in fact survivors of the war brought out in the book. Jade revealed to Janar that she was a Timekeeper. Now, they could not abandon each other, for they were related in a way.

Later, they learned that the third survivor of the war was, interestingly, Vestess; the same person who murdered Gemini Wong. Janar duduced that this was the same person that killed his parents. They both craved for revenge, but knew that they would not be able to avange thier families alone; they would need to find more people willing to help them. They learned that the son a friend of Janar's parents was being targeted by Vestess, so they set out to save him. In the process, they created Omicron Organization, what they would call their group.

However, The night before, Jade disappeared, and woke up in an unfamiliar place. She needed to find a way back to the real world, but knew that she would have to fight her way back. . . .

Battle Quotes

  • "Don't make me do this."
  • "I will kill you if need be."
  • "This is a waste of time."
  • "Can you point me to the exit before I kill you?"
When facing certain characters
  • (When fighting Ultimo X) "Wow, what are you supposed to be?"
  • (When fighting Master Chief) "You look tense. Let me destroy your armor for you."
  • (When fighting Darth Raiden) "I have seen you before. This time, I will not lose."
  • (When she wins a battle against Master Chief) "Until you get rid of that armor, you can't defeat me."
  • (When she gets a perfect) "That was too easy. Please be better next time."
  • (When she loses) "Okay, you win."


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(Many more, but not to be displayed).
Special Attacks
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Hyper Combo (Finishers)
  • ???: Coming soon
  • ???: Coming soon

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