Jagged is a 2001 American Horror film written by Cathy Konrad and directed by John Schultz. It stars Rachel Boston, Zach Gilfrod, Jeremy Piven, Romolo Garai, Tom Payne, Cassidy Freeman, Shannen Doherty, Alex Breckenridge, Brooke Nevin and Richard Gere. It tells the story of a neglected troubled melodramatic boy at a young age was humiliated by a group of children later targeted to be killed. It also takes up the story of Officer attempting to prevent the murders and a lawyor trying to gain a conviction.


A melodramatic boy gains the part for his school's local play and enlists the help of a group of kids in helping with the setting up for the pplay.

They accept and on the night of the play pour a horrible substance on him.

Now at the present day the now teenage children are being killed off one by one the child they humiliated all those years ago.

An intrepid officer attempts to save the youth's lives and a lawyor later must gain the conviction for the mind that was deadset on bloody vengeance.

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