Janar Danari
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Janar Danari is the co-main character in Parallel, along with Jade Wong, and co-founder/co-leader of Omicron Organization.

Janar was born in 16 BOF, the son of two Morphs, humans with the ability to change molocules (advanced shape-shifting). Janar did not exist at the time of the war that left Morphs nearly extinct. His parent's were two survivors of the event, and, after meeting again sometime later and marrying, gave birth to Janar only recently. The third surviving Morph, a mysterious old man named Vestess, killed Janar's parent's, causing him much pain and anger. Together with Jade Wong, a young girl who had lost someone to Vestess, Janar co-created Omicron Organization, a group of people eager to destroy and/or exact revenge on Vestess.

Janar uses his ability to shape-shift in order to both help his allies and confuse his enemies. Other then shape-shifting, Janar has various other powers, including invisiblility, regeneratoin, even cloning himself. He also has a limited control over others, as seen when he heals his teammates' wounds or impacts his enemies. He also uses a powerful handgun as a last resort when in certain circumstances that require him not to use his powers.

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