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"I Am the leader of the New-Dai Gurenn Brigade, he whom has had the weight of an entire universe thrust upon his shoulders, he who has taken on the destinies and wills of warriors of light since passed. With this drill in my hand, and this raging soul i will tear down the false preconceptions in this world known as limits, and mock the spiritual and physical understanding of the gods themselves!. To Live in the moment with no regrets!, to act and move with absolute impunity, THAT is who the dai-gurenn brigade is!, that is who the man known as Jason is!; JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE ARE!?"


Jason(ジェイソン, "Jeisen") is a main protagonist featured in TheSatanAvatar's fanfiction, Super Tengen Toppa Gurenn Lagann. He is a young boy whom grew up the the badlands of earth, several miles away from Kamina City, where he is known under his title, Jason The Digger(ジェイソン掘り, Idohori Jeisen). He is known as one of the single most reliable and efficient excavators in the know lands, and as such he is praised and employed to tackle the most demanding of digging and mining tasks, using his unconventional drilling method. At the beginning of the series he discovers the Core Drill, and he is then thrust into an entirely new world.




Tools & Equipment

The Core Drill: During one of his common digging sessions in the badlands of Kamina City, Jason incidentally, and quite staggeringly obtained the Drill Core, which would give him the ability to make liberal usage of the super powerful Ganmen, Lagann. Because of its immense capacity for evil, Jason and the new Dai-Gurenn Brigade are a target of assassins, mercenaries and beastmen from all over the lands.

Super Lagann: Soon after finding the drill core, he came across this small and powerful robot buried and sealed way within the dirt. Lagann is an extremely powerful tool and is considered Jasons trademark in battle.


Kamina: Although Jason has never met him, he posessess an immense level of respect and admiration for Kamina. He believes that he owes his life to the deceased many, due to the fact that if it werent for his destiny to interesect with his own, Jason would have never been surrounded with such responsibility, friends, and power. Every act and move that Jason ever makes is based on his philosophy, "What would kamina do?" and thanks to this mindset, he has overcome many obstacles and powerful opponents. Jason holds such a degree of admiration for Kamina that he once considered himseld "unworthy" and "unfit" to inherit his will and sentiment, though this negative influence was later quelled by Yoko.

Simon: Like Kamina, he has a high degree of respect for simon. However, he considers him more of a rival, an obstacle that must be overcome in order for him to attain true strength. Even so, he is very fond of simon, as the two first met in battle, where simon was piloting an advacned ganmen as a part of rossiu's allied forces, while Jason and Ricky utilized the Gurenn Lagann. The two became friendly rivals soon after that when the two were disregarded as terrorists.

Yoko: When they first met in the series, Jasons relationship with yoko was built mostly on intense flirting. However, he later attempted to push her away with a false mask of cruelty and disrespect. This was because of the fact that he believed that in getting as close to yoko as he was, he was "spitting in kamina's face". Because of the immense respect he held for kamina he attempted to seperate himself from "his woman", because in his mind, anything more than a relationshop such as work friends between himself and yoko would be a great crime against kamina. Overall, these emotions had a heavy impact in his battle efficiency, and it took forcible intervention on yoko's part to aid jason in overcoming this. Yoko pleaded that kamina wanted her to be happy, just as Jason does, and as such he should discard his false bitterness and guilt. He later vanquishes his negative emotions, drawing strength from yoko's words. Because of key contradictions and holes in both yoko's and jasons arguement, it is hinted they may hold real feelings for one another, though nothing further between them has ever transpired.


His official themesong is Sorairo Days