Jason Crispy is a Marine Private in the Halo movie. He is portrayed by Alabaster Ambrose.

  • Age: 19
  • Rank: Private
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Weight: 169 lbs.

Early life and the UNSC Edit

Crispy was always seen as a 'Failure at Life', flunking all of his major subjects and standing out from society. His passion was computer programming and developing video games, which he pursued all of his High School years until his Grand Father, Captain Gregory Crispy, was killed in the Human Covenant War. Crispy gave up his dream and sought a life in the UNSC. He shipped out for basic training at the age of 17 and is seen 2 years later as a Private with the position of Gunner.

The Battle of Halo Edit

Him and Krowe were present during the Battle of Halo. After helping the Chief detonate the Autumn's fusion reactors they escaped after him in a second Warthog, however the explosions of a Covenant Carrier outside caused their warthog to flip. Master Chief offered to lift the vehicle off of them, but doing so would kill Crispy, who was pinned beneath the vehicle. After The Master Chief and Johnson escape, they are supposedly take aboard a Covenant Carrier just as it slip space jumped away from Halo.

Future Films Edit

Neill Blomkamp has confirmed both Krowe and Crispy will appear in later films. As they are currently onboard a Covenant ship known as Freedom Fire. And is the Flagship of the Future Arbiter, who is only seen briefly in the film.

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