Jason Jaques-Jones is a character in the animated television series Nick and Jerrick. He is a ninteen-year-old American Rock and Roll fan who aspires to become an infamous rock star. He lives in the apartment next door to that of Nick and Jerrick's and is known to always play his electric guitar whenever he is home and not asleep. Jason's hair is spiked and dyed red and he can always be seen wearing a leather jacket with no sleeves. On the back of Jason's jacket is a picture of a cobra and his initals, J.J.J, printed in red letters. Jacob also wears several ears ring on both ears, has a nose ring in each nostril, and a lip piercing. Jason is also widely known as the touh guy of Rose Beach, Florida as he will fight anyone for just about any reason. While maintaining his tough exterior, he has a secret soft spot for rabbits as well as babies and toddlers.

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