Javier Gallardo is a fictional Argentinian drug trafficker from the video game true crimes:streets of new jersey where he appears as the games main villain.He is played by Clifton Collins Jr.Born in 1974 he emigrates to New jersey in 1990.He inherited his grandma's drug trafficking business when she dies.A ruthless cold calculating man it is rumored that he is responsible for 60 deaths.He first meets Lonnie Rey the main character [Played by Steve Carrell]. At a party he is hosting.However Lonnie doesn't know just how ruthless he is until the middle of the game where he is seen ordering his henchmen Arby Rojo to tear out his girlfriend's heart.Lonnie has been ordered to arrest him by his superior officer Ron Stephens [Portrayed by Chaim Topol].He is involved in a bloody battle in his mansion in Paramus N.J. with Ronnie. Ronnie wins the battle coldly ending his life

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