Jawbreaker 50 is a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 mod made by SPARTAN-984. Inspired by the real-life Gumball 3000 rally and the movie The Tournament, Jawbreaker 50 focuses on a worldwide deathmatch tournament called the "Jawbreaker 50", as per the game's title.

The Jawbreaker 50/Premise/Gameplay.

The premise of Jawbreaker 50 is a battle between assassins: utilizing several powerful firearms, they fight in cities around the entire planet, once every year. In the tournament, characters are allowed to start with one primary and secondary weapon with one attachment each: this provided you are not "The Man Of The Hour", the person most likely to win the tournament, in which case you start with no attachments.

The player is "The Man Of The Hour", and thereby must fight through the tournament in an attempt to win and then stop it, collecting the cash prize AND the prize for the tournament leader.

The player starts off in Seattle after using Create-a-Class to make their own class (sans Perks, Death Streaks, or Kill Streaks: those are collectible, sans the Tactical Nuke, and Attachments for aforemented reasons). They would then have to kill everyone in Seattle, before progressing onto San Francisco, etc.

Although the player starts with two weapons (one primary, one secondary), but can carry two more in the form of backup weapons in the inventory. Backup weapons can be swapped out at any time: but they must be swapped out to utilize extra weapons. Riot Shields are the only exception: once found, they can be carried on the player's back outside his inv, to cover his ass.

The inventory also stores several things: first, attachments. Although the player begins with no attachments, they will automatically swipe the attachments off of fallen adversaries' guns, until they have two copies each. Attachments fit in several different slots: the Grip fits on the Underbarrel, the Holo Sight fits on Optical, FMJ fits on Upgrade, etc. No two attachments (ex. Masterkey and M203) can fit in the same slot. Other characters have been allowed to take one attachments each.

The inv also stores grenades and special equipment: these include Blast Shields.

Perks are permanent powerups which are picked up at a rate of 1.5 per level to ensure that if the player picks all regular perks they have every Perk by the end of the game. However, players can also choose to "Pro Up", which turns the Perk into its Pro variant. Some Perks have been changed (One-Man Army allows for two more weapons to be stored, Bling allows for an extra Upgrade Attachment per weapon, etc.). Kill Streaks are one-time-use items that can only be satiated by getting a certain amount of kills, doubled to ensure that they are sparingly used (for example, if the Tactical Nuke were a streak, it would take 50 kills for its usage). Once used, they would be unuseable.

On the completion of the game on higher difficulties, Death Streaks are unlocked that affect gameplay. There are five difficulties: PFC, Rookie, Sergeant, Veteran, and Hell Itself. On PFC, finishing earns Copycat. When active, the final boss is an inventory clone of the player (example. if you had a Silenced Holo M1014, the final boss would carry that too). Finishing on Rookie earns Painkiller: everyone has three times their regular health. Finishing on Sergeant gives you Martyrdom: upon everyone's death, everyone drops a live random Grenade which activates half a second after death: it could be a Semtex or a smoke grenade. Completion on Veteran earns you Final Stand: from Sergeant onwards, everyone has Last Stand as a perk. In Final Stand mode, "dead" characters can use regular equipment and not just M9s. The game recommends that you do not play with any Death Streaks active on Hell Itself: as doing so may lead to a "quite fatal case of insanity". However, one player finished Hell Itself with all Death Streaks active: in doing so, he died, in his own words, "around 513,185 times, which can be evenly split between the final bosses of my insanely powerful character being smarter than I am, people dropping contact-detonation frag grenades when they die, regular low-level "easy" thugs refusing to die after being hit with rockets, and people dying yet somehow managing to heft sniper rifles." It took the player two years to finish.

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