Jaws is a 2011 horror film and is a remake of the 1975 Film of the same name. The Cast Features Clancy brown, Elizabeth Olsen, Robery Englund, and Tom hanks,



Clancy brown as Cheif Brody, the protagonist

Elizabeth Olsen as Samantha Hooper, a marine biologist called in to help investigate the shark

Robert Englund as quint, the old fisher who fought sharks during an unamed war

Tom Hanks as Mayor howard Vaughn, the mayor of amity who joins the crew of the orca to help with PR and his own concious

Jennifer Aniston as sarah watkins The mother of the boy who gets killed by the shark

Melissa Benoist as Chloe, the shark's first victim

Blake Jenner as Jonny, Chloe's boyfriend

Richard Dreyfuss as Samantha's Father

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