Jeepers Creepers 3 or Jeepers Creepers 3: Cathedral is a 2013 American Horror film written and directed by Victor Salva starring Gina Philips, Gena Rowlands, Ray Wise, Stephanie Denise Griffin, Mark Indelicato, Marieh Delfino, Ivana Baquero, Morgan Saylor, Booboo Stewart, Josh Flitter, Jon Powell, Chelan Simmons and featuring Fox Langenkamp.

The film is a sequel to Jeepers Creepers and Jeepers Creepers 2 following directly after both the predecessor film's storylines.


The film begins in 1938 the Nevada Desert where we find a group of youths in a black jeep speeding across sandhills listening to the song Jeepers Creepers by the Four Modernaires..

Their vehicle stops as a man steps out onto a sandhill before them and ultimatley results in the youths having a terrible car crash.

All the teenagers within the car die from the accident apart from the front seat passenger girl who is badly wounded and stumbles out of the smashed up vehicle.

She stumbles right before the man responsibile for the accident whom she sees to be dressed in old ragged scarecrow like clothing and has a deteoriating face.

He then falls to the girl's knees and begs her to help him in a raspy voice.

She responds and says she will get them both out of here when suddenly he lets out a horrible yell which then becomes a frightening high pitched scream.

He rises up and his back begins to rip as two large wings rip forth out of his back.

The smashed up car's radio then bursts to life and the song Jeepers Creepers resumes as the man with the horrible face and wings bursting out of his back looks down at the injured teen girl's beautiful Golden Brown Eyes, focus then comes onto a large silver axe suspending from the man's coat side pocket and the scene flashes away from the sandhills.

What follows is the showing of now successful Pennsylvania Businesswoman Patricia "Trish" Jenner whom is a single mother raising an inquisitive 16 year old boy, Darry, named after her late brother.

She has an elderley house-keeper named Mrs. Ethel Dunkleman, who cares for Darry whilest Trish is out on job and other engagements.

What we see is one stormy night, the Creeper at the Taggart farm escape and attack three teenagers whom had come that stormy night to steal the Creeper's locked down body which they had believed to be fake apart from the teenage girl of the three named, Bethany Daniels.

A car accident occurs and the two male teenagers are eaten right before Bethany. Bethany herself is then taken off into the night with the Creeper.

Trish's beautiful Pennsylvania Home is then smashed into by a horrible looking truck and Mrs. Dunkleman is rendered unconsious as the emerging Creeper comes and takes the 16 year old, Darry Jenner.

Trish and the police come home to the mess 30 minutes following and Trish takes to questioning Mrs. Dunkleman harshly who reveals there is an ulterior reason why she had offered to minding her son without pay.

That she is indeed the daughter of a woman who had her at the young age of 19 back in 1938 and her mother had been killed along with her teen father and their friends in a jeep drive through the Nevada Desert Sandhills.

She reveals she had known that come now had been the 23rd Spring for the accursed thing to wake up and that a psychic woman name Jezelle Gay Hartman knew all about the monster.

She reveals she had visited Jezelle many years ago and made her reveal that she had a dream about the Beast, which she did not want to share with Trish, and that Trish would have a handsome young boy who would come to age 16 and be abducted by the Monster.

Trish then takes Ethel out of the house and away from the police, who come looking for Trish and drive off to find the monster.

The film continues on with Trish and Ethel coming to the same Florida Crossroads where it began and aligning with the search party youths searching for the abducted Banon High School student, Bethany Daniels.

The search party Banon youths begin to be picked off one by one.

Ultimatley Bethany and Trish's son Darry are entrapped within the Creeper's new lair: a horrible abandoned Cathedral.

Trish saves her son and Bethany self-sacrifices herself to buy the other two escape time as the cathedral is burnt down along with the Creeper inside.


  • Gina Philips as Trish Jenner
  • Gena Rowlands as Mrs. Ethel Dunkleman
  • Ray Wise as Jack Taggart Sr.
  • Stephanie Denise Griffin as Bethany Daniels
  • Mark Indelicato as Justin Marcott
  • Marieh Delfino as Rhonda Truitt
  • Ivana Baquero as Elizabeth Candels
  • Morgan Saylor as Beanie Licoldman
  • Booboo Stewart as Wallace Abrahams
  • Josh Flitter as Noah Casadona
  • Jon Powell as Jack Taggart Jr.
  • Chelan Simmons as Fiona Graham
  • Malcolm David Kelley as Reece Burnett
  • Jordan Nichols as Bentley Corman
  • Raven Goodwin as Jennifer Sallamon
  • Annie Clark as Sarah Dunkleman
  • Jermaine Crawford as Lonka Taburton
  • Rhyon Nicole Brown as Chandy Taburton
  • Fox Langenkamp as Darry Jenner
  • Karle Warren as Vivien Soxdine
  • Amanda Fein as Rosa Cortett
  • Halit Ergenç as Officer Kind
  • Nicholas Guilak as Officer Weston
  • Jeannie Gaffigan as Nurse Bishop
  • Julie Chen as Nurse Able


  1. Jeepers Creepers- Louis Armstrong
  2. Peek-A-Boo - Fox

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