Jeffrey "Jeff" Paprikos Gavakanos (born March 13th, 1976, Athens, Greece-) is a Greek-American stand-up comedian, actor and director known for his work with fellow comedian and friend Vince Magerio, notably in their annual "Yiros&Pizza" comedy tour, raising support for the Greek and Italian American comedy circuit. Gavakanos made his acting and directorial debut in 2008 with the small film "Yiros&Pizza: The Motion Picture!", also starring Magerio.


Early life

Jeffrey Paprikos Gavakanos was born on the 13th of March 1976 in Athens, Greece; to Chevaklios Gavakanos and Ginna Mariakis. His family moved to New Orleans in 1978 and his father took up work as a steel worker, eventually coming to run his own business, "Gavakanos Steel Ltd.".

Origins of Stand-Up

Jeff attended St. Joseph's Academy; a Catholic school strict on behavior and decorum. He dropped out in senior high school much to the chagrin of his parents, and moved to Atlanta to love with his brother Chev Jnr.; taking up work as a pizza delivery man.

In 1993 he began to perform at several local clubs, under the name "Yiros Boy", using mainly racial stereotypes and family life in his routine. He became a local favorite in town and befriended several other comedians, including his wife Kate Nashley, and his frequent collaborators Vince Magerio and Peter Ciceria.


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