Jenner is one of the Rats of Thorn Valley. He is a supporting protagonist in the 100 Acre Wood Prequel Series and the chief antagonist in Winnie the Pooh and The Secret of Nimh. Jenner later appeared in Hidden Chronicles as an anti hero. Jenner is responsible for killing Nicodemus.

  • Character Information

  • Personality - Arrogant. Power Hungry. Sly. Powerful. Menacing. Brutal. Bloodthirsty. Evil. Fiendish

  • Home - Thorn Valley (formely). Toontown
  • Goal - To become the Leader of the Rats

  • Friends - Cholena (formely). Nicodemus (formely). Justin (formely). Jiminy Cricket (formely). Jafar. Iago. Sullivan. His Boss Peg Leg Pete. Ratigan. Fidget

  • Enemies - Nicodemus. Justin. Jiminy Cricket. Elizabeth Brisby. Timmy Brisby. Martin Brisby. Winnie the Pooh. Piglet. Tigger. Rabbit. Eeyore. Woody. Buzz Lightyear. Jessie. Bullseye. Jeremy the Crow. Abu. Genie. Dragon the Cat. Cholena. Bugs Bunny. Daffy Duck. Fievel Mousekewitz. Tanya Mousekewitz. Tony Toponi. Timothy Q. Mouse. Tom and Jerry. Scooby Doo. Mewsette. Jaune Tom. Bianca. Bernard

  • Minions - Sullivan (formerly)

  • Likes - Amulets. getting his way. Mrs. Brisby (sort of)

  • Dislikes - Nicodemus. not getting his way. Justin. His schemes foiled

  • Weapons - Sword

  • Fate - Falls Down from a high rock to his death after being stabbed by Sullivan and is later revived by The Scientists (Secret of Nimh) Returns to get his revenge on The Brisbies (Thorn Valley Chronicles)

  • Quote - Take what you can when you can

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