Jeremy Tävno Kärpiki (born. January 31st 1970, Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland - died. September 18th, 1991, Bremen, Germany) was a Finnish metal musician, most notably the drummer for Anti-Christian from 1989-1991. He was known for his forward personality and friendliness, and has been posthumously regarded as one of death metal's most original and technical drummers of all time, despite his short career.


Early life

Jeremy Tävno Kärpiki was born on January 31st 1970, Oulu, Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland to George Kärpiki and Maria Kärpiki nee Martijens. He was half-Norwegian by his mother's side, and had two older brothers, Peter and Martin. Jeremy was raised in Oulu for most of his life, until his family moved to Helsinki in the early 1980s.


After playing a sold out concert in Bremerhaven, Bremen, Germany on September 18th 1991, as part of their Dead Reborn Tour; the band packed up and moved out of Bremerhaven to their next destination. Johään "Decapitator" Lönnrot and Kristian Visten (vocals and guitars) went in one car with band producer and manager Räskven Tirgensä, and the other members in the second car, while Kärpiki decided to ride with some stage crew, along with head stage manager Borgen Guendersen. At around 11:58 PM the vehicle in which Kärpiki was travelling, a 1982 Volkswagen, skidded on the road and rolled off, colliding with the forest. Kärpiki, seated at the back of the car, was instantly killed along with several other stage crew. Borgen Guendersen, and the other Kristen Korveks, who was driving managed to survive the impact and escaped the vehicle, calling paramedics. Kärpiki was taken to the Bremerhaven hospital at 12:10 AM, but was pronounced dead on arrival due to internal bleeding and punctured vital organs. He was twenty one years old.


Kärpiki has been revered and remembered worldwide since his passing, and many modern metal drummers site him as an influence. His innovative style was inspired by Richard Christy and Flo Mournier of Death and Cryptopsy, respectively, two of Kärpiki's favourite bands.

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